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on-load speedLastdrehzahl {f}
no-load speedLeerlaufdrehzahl {f}
speed under load
Lastdrehzahl {f}
(full) load speed
Lastdrehzahl {f}
part-load speed
Teillastdrehzahl {f}
on load {adj}belastet
on-load switch
Lastschalter {m}
on-load energyLastenergie {f}
to load on deckauf Deck verladen
to load on boardan Bord verladen
on speed dial {adv}auf Kurzwahl [Telefonnummer]
on-load tap-changer
Stufenschalter {m}
speed on a gradientSteiggeschwindigkeit {f}
International Convention on Load Lines
Internationales Freibord-Übereinkommen {n}
to load on to a ship
auf ein Schiff verladen
to take on a load of debteine Schuldenlast übernehmen
to carry a load on one's backeine Last auf dem Rücken tragen
to put a load of washing on [Br.]eine Waschladung starten [ugs.]
to carry a load on one's shouldereine Last auf der Schulter tragen
All lay load on a willing horse.
Auf ein williges Pferd legen alle ihre Last.
to put a load of washing on [Br.]die Wäsche anmachen [ugs.]
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  • In a no-load condition the frequency of the power slicing circuit increases to great speed, causing the isolated transformer to act as a Tesla coil, causing damage due to the resulting very high voltage power spikes.
  • Hydrodynamic bearings rely on the high speed of the journal (the part of the shaft resting on the fluid) to pressurize the fluid in a wedge between the faces.
  • Once the liquor was distilled, drivers called "runners" or "bootleggers" smuggled moonshine and "bootleg" (illegally imported) liquor across the region in cars specially modified for speed and load-carrying capacity.
  • The original reason for the use of one-pass assemblers was memory size and speed of assembly – often a second pass would require storing the symbol table in memory (to handle forward references), rewinding and rereading the program source on tape, or rereading a deck of cards or punched paper tape.
  • Mechanical governors are usually driven by the engine's accessory belt or a gear-drive system and use a combination of springs and weights to control fuel delivery relative to both load and speed.

  • These delays set a maximum upper limit on performance, as the machine could only operate at a cycle speed that allowed the signals time to arrive at the next module.
  • Other options are the PC-Speed (NEC V30), AT-Spee (Intel 80286), and ATonce-386SX (Intel 80386SX) hardware emulator boards.
  • As such, sea transportation is one of few industrial areas that still commonly uses non-metric units such as the nautical mile (nmi) for distance and knots (kn) for speed or velocity.
  • An ATS has its own turbine and gears to change its low torque and high speed to low speed and high torque at the engine mounting pad.
  • Athlon 64 also features CPU speed throttling technology branded "Cool'n'Quiet", a feature similar to Intel's "SpeedStep" that can throttle the processor's clock speed back to facilitate lower power use and heat output.

  • Many reviewers questioned the design choices in comparison to "Duke Nukem 3D", with "Kotaku" writing: "Old-school shooters, and this is definitely trying to be one of those with its basic AI and lack of cover mechanics, always had two great things going for them: speed and a ridiculous arsenal of weapons...
  • However, the transfer speed is dramatically improved.
  • The Bf 110 usually used a shallow dive to bomb the target and escape at high speed.
  • The trend of accelerating the speed at which welds are performed in the steel erection industry comes at a risk to the integrity of the connection.
  • Skiers may choose their boat speed and ramp height, although there are maximums based the skier's gender and age.

  • One would efficiently feed the source tape and the correction tape into the PDP-1 via its high-speed (200 characters per second) reader.
  • During normal operation in synchronization with the electricity network, power plants are governed with a five percent droop speed control.
  • This delta-v means that the speed increases (or decreases) by a particular amount, independent of the initial speed.
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