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on load {adj}belastet
3 Wörter
to load on boardan Bord verladen
to load on deckauf Deck verladen
to load sth. onto / on sth.etw. auf etw. aufladen
on-load energyLastenergie {f}
on-load speedLastdrehzahl {f}
on-load switch
Lastschalter {m}
4 Wörter
on-load tap-changer
Stufenschalter {m}
5+ Wörter
All lay load on a willing horse.
Auf ein williges Pferd legen alle ihre Last.
to carry a load on one's backeine Last auf dem Rücken tragen
to carry a load on one's shouldereine Last auf der Schulter tragen
to load on to a ship
auf ein Schiff verladen
to put a load of washing on [Br.]die Wäsche anmachen [ugs.]
to put a load of washing on [Br.]eine Waschladung starten [ugs.]
to take on a load of debteine Schuldenlast übernehmen
International Convention on Load Lines
Internationales Freibord-Übereinkommen {n}
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  • As well as updates to MARPOL and SOLAS, the IMO facilitated several updated international maritime conventions in the mid to late 20th century, including the International Convention on Load Lines in 1966 (replacing an earlier 1930 Convention), the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea in 1972 (also replacing an earlier set of rules) and the STCW Convention in 1978.
  • The switch had limited adaption based on load and priority.
  • This not only allows for better insulation but decreases the weight of slab which has a positive effect on load bearing walls and foundations.
  • Per passenger mile, Amtrak is 30–40 percent more energy-efficient than commercial airlines and automobiles overall, though the exact figures for particular routes depend on load factor along with other variables.
  • Note that the voltages are nominal and vary depending on load and distance from the substation.

  • The demand for reactive power can be reduced if the converter transformers have on-load tap changers with a sufficient range of taps for AC voltage control.
  • An example of the former is the binary XLS file format that is portable between Windows and Mac systems and always little-endian, requiring the Mac application to swap the bytes on load and save when running on a big-endian Motorola 68K or PowerPC processor.
  • The term "switch" is often used loosely to include devices such as routers and bridges, as well as devices that may distribute traffic based on load or based on application content (e.g., a Web URL identifier).
  • His finding was that fatigue was not associated with an accidental overload, but was dependent on load and the number of repetitions of load cycles.
  • Early material was released on the Hanson Records label, while their "Waiting for Armadillo" album was released on Load Records in 2004.

  • The failure to deploy lifeboats led to new legislation regarding on-load release hooks for lifeboats on oil rigs.
  • The brush makes and breaks electrical contact with the commutator segment several thousand times a second at variable frequency dependent on load thus causing radio frequency noise.
  • indicated airspeed depending on load. At least two of the earliest B-26s suffered hard landings and damage to the main landing gear, engine mounts, propellers and fuselage.
  • It fills an important need in the system by responding to sudden surges in electricity demand because of its rapid ability to deliver power on load spikes.
  • Kernel modules can optionally have a cryptographic signature ELF section which is verified on load depending on the Verified Boot policy settings.

  • Although originally designed to carry a dual 3-lane motorway on the top deck, during and subsequent to the strengthening work the M1 was reduced to 2 lanes following an EU directive on load bearing capacity to allow for the introduction of 40-tonne trucks in the UK.
  • GNUnet Anonymity Protocol consists of queries and replies. Depending on load of the forwarding node, messages are forwarded to zero or more nodes.
  • Certain heavier duty drum brake systems compensate for load when determining wheel cylinder pressure; a feature rare when discs are employed (Hydropneumatic suspension systems as employed on Citroën vehicles adjust brake pressure depending on load regardless of if drum or discs are used).
  • or "on load dynamic" by [...] and [...].
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