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NOUN   an online tool | online tools
online tool
Online-Tool {n}
quality management tool <QM tool>
Qualitätsmanagementwerkzeug {n} <QM-Werkzeug>
online {adj}rechnerabhängig
online {adj}eingeschaltet
online {adv}
online {adv}
on [kurz für: online]
online {adj}angeschlossen
online fraud
Internetbetrug {m}
online trade
Onlinehandel {m}
online store
Webshop {m}
online shop
Webshop {m}
to search online
im Internet recherchieren
online store
E-Shop {m} [kurz für: electronic shop, elektronischer Shop]
online newspaper
Internetzeitung {f}
online offering
Onlineangebot {n}
online offer
Onlineangebot {n}
online shop
E-Shop {m} [kurz für: electronic shop, elektronischer Shop]
online world
Onlinewelt {f}
online business
Onlinehandel {m}
online version
Online-Version {f} [auch: Onlineversion]
online pharmacy
Online-Apotheke {f} [auch: Onlineapotheke]
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  • Online-Tool {n} = online tool
  • Tool {n} = tool
  • Diagnose-Tool {n} = diagnostic tool
  • Management-Tool {n} = management tool
  • Screening-Tool {n} [Überwachungsinstrument] = screening tool
  • Tool-Management-System {n} = tool management system
  • Tool-Beschreibung {f} [auch: Toolbeschreibung] = tool description
  • Analyse-Tool {n} [auch: Analysetool] = analysis tool
  • online = online
  • Online-Händler {m} = online retailer
  • Online-Umfrage {f} = online survey
  • Online-Journalismus {m} = online journalism
  • Online-Formular {n} = online form
  • Online-Shop {m} = online store
  • Online-Shop {m} = internet shop
  • Online-Shop {m} = online shop
  • Online-Kampagne {f} = online campaign
  • Online-Spiele {pl} = online gaming {sg}
  • Online-Gaming {n} = online gaming
  • Online-Reisebüro {n} = online travel agency <OTA>
  • Online-Präsenz {f} = online presence
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  • Unlike the use of all-lowercase letters, which suggests efficiency as a motivation, alternating caps requires additional effort to type, either by holding and releasing the shift key with one hand while hunting-and-pecking, by intermittently pressing one shift key or the other while touch typing, or by using an online tool to convert existing text.
  • The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority provides an online tool designed to help understand professional designations in the United States.
  • The district provides an online tool that shows bus route information.
  • The American Mathematical Society provides a free online tool to determine the collaboration distance between two mathematical authors listed in the "Mathematical Reviews" catalogue.
  • An online tool to search for postal codes can be found here.

  • SOSUI is a free online tool that predicts a part of the secondary structure of proteins from a given amino acid sequence (AAS).
  • It also operates an online tool warehouse that serves the whole of the United Kingdom.
  • Map errors are handled using Navteq Map Reporter, which is described as a "community-based online tool for suggesting changes to the Navteq map".
  • A number of institutions use Scran's open source online tool - Scran-in-a-Box - to provide access to their own data.
  • An online tool (known as "CEST": "Check Employment Status for Tax") was made available by HMRC to enable workers or employers to determine employment status for tax purposes.

  • Medicare offers an interactive online tool that allows for comparison of coverage and costs for all plans in a geographic area.
  • The AMWA Freelance Directory is an open-access online tool that allows individuals or companies to find a professional freelance medical communicator for any scientific, medical, or health care related project.
  • The Taking Stock Online tool allows the user to explore information on pollution from industrial facilities across North America.
  • Quicken Health Expense Tracker was a free online tool for healthcare consumers enrolled in participating health plans.
  • AuthorMapper is a free online tool for visualizing scientific research that enables document discovery based on author locations and geographic maps, helping users explore patterns in scientific research, identify literature trends, discover collaborative relationships, and locate experts in several scientific/medical fields.

  • The Institut national de l'information géographique et forestière (IGN) also provides an online tool to compare the evolution over time of land use in the municipality (or territories at different scales).
  • While ADAPT is an online tool, it is also used in face-to-face field workshops organised worldwide by PARIS21 and partners to train national statistical offices on data planning.
  • The CoMOGrad project at BUET is a research effort to device an extremely fast and much precise method for protein tertiary structure retrieval and develop online tool based on research outcome.
  • The Sunlight Foundation's initiatives included investigative journalism, lobbying, activism and software development at Sunlight Labs, which was an open source community that collected and organized public data; Influence Explorer, which was an online tool for tracking money in politics; and Foreign Influence Explorer, which tracked lobbyists who represent foreign clients in Washington D.C.
  • In 2008, "Technology Review" won the gold prize for the best issue of a technology magazine (for its May 2008 issue); the gold, silver, and bronze prizes for best single articles in a technology magazine (for "The Price of Biofuels" by David Rotman; "Brain Trauma in Iraq" by Emily Singer; and "Una Laptop por Niño" by David Talbot); the gold prize for best online community; and the bronze prize for best online tool in the "Folio Magazine" Eddie Awards.

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