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online world
Onlinewelt {f}
online {adj}eingeschaltet
online {adj}rechnerabhängig
online {adv}
on [kurz für: online]
online {adj}angeschlossen
online {adv}
online editor
Online-Redakteur {m}
online platform
Onlineplattform {f}
online shop
Internetladen {m}
online platforms
Online-Plattformen {pl}
online safety
Online-Sicherheit {f} [selten] [Internetsicherheit]
online dictionary
Online-Wörterbuch {n}
online dataOnlinedaten {pl}
online version
Online-Ausgabe {f} [auch: Onlineausgabe]
online retailer
Online-Händler {m}
online retailer
Online-Anbieter {m}
online tool
Online-Tool {n}
online presence
Online-Präsenz {f}
online presence
Internet-Präsenz {f}
online persona
Online-Persona {f} [selbst oder von anderen entworfene Internetpersönlichkeit]
online shopping
Onlineshopping {n}
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  • As a result of the cancelation of World Championship in 2020, the community of Carcassonne Catalonia decided to create an online world championship for teams, to be played online for several weeks on the online platform Board Game Arena.
  • Though these media are relatively new, they have been in existence long enough for users to have developed norms and expectations about appropriate behaviors in the online world.
  • s online world is certain to be mimicked." "The Times" also gave it four stars out of five and claimed that it "comes closer than most games to re-creating the freedom of real life."
  • 28 January – 25 February 2022. "An Earl's Court Miscellany" devised and directed by Catherine Harvey. The online world premiere.
  • In the online world of Brittania, the currency of one Annum equates to about $3.4 US.

  • Bullied by his peers, Bevan had a difficult time with school and turned to the online world at night for an escape.
  • The judges commented: "This was a tremendous example of adapting the business model in an increasingly online world.
  • As of November 1, 2013, the online World's Smallest Political Quiz has been taken 20 million times since it was first put on the Web in 1995.
  • Their MMO offerings are typical KMMO fare. One centers on a fantasy universe, another around creating an avatar in an online world to interact with others, and the final about space exploration.
  • In 2013, Guild Software's Vendetta Online was widely reported as the first MMORPG to support the Oculus Rift, making it potentially the first persistent online world with native support for a consumer Virtual reality headset.

  • Remote or home-working greatly reduces the volume of information one individual gives another compared to face-to-face encounters, providing fewer opportunities for unequal treatment but it seems real-world notions of power and privilege are being duplicated: people who choose to take up different identities (avatars) in the online world are (still) routinely discriminated against, evident in online gaming where users are able to create their own characters.
  • Rika Takahashi, from EX: The Online World of Manga, noted the work's stark contrast with other, more positive CLAMP works such as Cardcaptor Sakura and Wish.
  • 137, 1996) and were exclusively shown online (World Wide Web/WWW).
  • Recent research and the COVID 19 pandemic have expanded andragogy into the online world internationally, as evidenced by country and international organizations that foster the development of adult learning, research and collaboration in educating adults.
  • In the digital and online world, ”prosumer” is used to describe 21st-century online buyers because not only are they consumers of products, but they are able to produce their own products such as, customised handbags, jewellery with initials, jumpers with team logos etc.

  • He goes on to say that the incidents involving the coma victims were created as a result of Harald attempting to bring the real world into the online world, creating a hazy barrier between the two worlds, a concept called "Liminality".
  • In the online world, fans fulfill this need by building or participating in online fansites.
  • – Keith Rhee, about "Best of El Hazard" in "EX: The Online World of Anime & Manga".
  • hack//Liminality" Harald Hoerwick, the creator of the MMORPG "The World", attempted to bring the real world into the online world, creating a hazy barrier between the two worlds; a concept called "Liminality".
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