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NOUN   an open question | open questions
open questionoffene Frage {f}
open questionungelöste Frage {f}
open questionunbeantwortete Frage {f}
open to question {adj} [postpos.]fraglich
open to question {adj} [postpos.]anfechtbar
open to question {adj} [postpos.]fragwürdig
to leave open the questiondie Frage offenlassen
It remains an open question whether ...Es bleibt offen, ob ...
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  • The existence of a KAM theorem for perturbations of quantum many-body integrable systems is still an open question, although it is believed that arbitrarily small perturbations will destroy integrability in the infinite size limit.
  • The solutions require extreme physical conditions unlikely ever to occur in practice, and it remains an open question whether further laws of physics will eliminate them completely.
  • Moore also introduced what is called the open-question argument, a position he later rejected.
  • The problem of full abstraction for the sequential programming language PCF was, for a long time, a big open question in denotational semantics.
  • She claims to have been a member of the Russian aristocracy before the Russian Revolution and suffered greatly as a result, but how much of that story is true is an open question.
  • What meteorological and astronomical phenomena would have accompanied this event remains an open question.
  • It is an open question to give support for a "Church thesis" for fuzzy mathematics, the proposed notion of recursive enumerability for fuzzy subsets is the adequate one.
  • It is very much an open question whether "WMCF" will eventually prove to be the start of a new school in the philosophy of mathematics.
  • Although Barnabas 4:14 appears to quote Matt 22:14, it must remain an open question whether the Barnabas circle knew written gospels.
  • Whether the problem can be solved "deterministically" for a "general graph" in "linear time" by a comparison-based algorithm remains an open question.
  • Whether there were alternatives to this policy during the Great Depression is an open question.
  • 9%, measured by VCIOM when respondents were presented a list of names (closed question), and 27% when respondents were expected to name politicians they trust (open question).
  • How much of this is due to genuine admiration or prudence remains an open question, but it has been conjectured that he was put to death in AD 31 as a friend of Sejanus.
  • Whether there is any historical reality behind the Trojan War remains an open question.
  • Matisoff (2015: xxxi) acknowledges that the position of Chinese as either a sister branch of Tibeto-Burman or a branch within Tibeto-Burman remains an open question.
  • Whether or not there exists a subplane of order "M" in a plane of order "N" with "M"2 + "M" = "N" is an open question.
  • It is an open question whether synesthesia experiences are a sensory version of metaphor, the "source" domain being the presented stimulus, such as a musical tone, and the target domain, being the experience in another modality, such as color.
  • The existence of a true nematic phase in the case of the smectite clays family was raised by Langmuir in 1938, but remained an open question for a very long time and was only confirmed recently.
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