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NOUN   an osculating circle | osculating circles
SYNO circle of curvature | osculating circle
osculating circle
Schmiegkreis {m}
osculating circle
Schmiegekreis {m}
osculating circle
Krümmungs­kreis {m}
osculating {adj} {pres-p}oskulierend
osculating curveSchmiegungs­kurve {f}
circleRing {m}
circleSozietät {f}
to circlekreisen
circleRund {n} [geh.]
circleKreisfigur {f}
circleUmkreis {m}
circleKreis {m}
to circleeinen Kreis bilden
circleKranz {m} [kreisförmig Angeordnetes]
striking circle
Schusskreis {m} [Hockey]
escribed circle
Ankreis {m}
turning circle
Wendekreis {m}
meridian circle
Meridiankreis {m}
circle group
Kreisgruppe {f}
distance circle
Distanzkreis {m}
crop circleGetreidekreis {m}
circle diagramKreisdiagramm {n}
prayer circle
Gebetszirkel {m} [Gebetskreis]
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  • This provides a natural realisation of the osculating circle to a curve, and the curvature spheres of a surface.
  • The curvature at any point of a smooth curve in the plane can be defined as the reciprocal of the radius of an osculating circle at that point, or as the norm of the second derivative of a parametric representation of the curve, parameterized consistently with the length along the curve.
  • The direction of the force is toward the center of the circle in which the object is moving, or the osculating circle (the circle that best fits the local path of the object, if the path is not circular).
  • In differential geometry of curves, the osculating circle of a sufficiently smooth plane curve at a given point "p" on the curve has been traditionally defined as the circle passing through "p" and a pair of additional points on the curve infinitesimally close to "p".
  • The characterization of the curvature in terms of the derivative of the unit tangent vector is probably less intuitive than the definition in terms of the osculating circle, but formulas for computing the curvature are easier to deduce.

  • When describing general motion, the actual forces acting on a particle are often referred to the instantaneous osculating circle tangent to the path of motion, and this circle in the general case is not centered at a fixed location, and so the decomposition into centrifugal and Coriolis components is constantly changing.
  • It has a unique vertex (a point of extreme curvature) at the point of tangency with its defining circle, which is also its osculating circle at that point.
  • An osculating curve from a given family of curves is a curve that has the highest possible order of contact with a given curve at a given point; for instance a tangent line is an osculating curve from the family of lines, and has first-order contact with the given curve; an osculating circle is an osculating curve from the family of circles, and has second-order contact (same tangent angle and curvature), etc.
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