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ADJ   osculating | more osculating | most osculating
VERB   to osculate | osculated | osculated
osculating | osculates
osculating {adj} {pres-p}oskulierend
osculating circle
Schmiegkreis {m}
osculating circle
Schmiegekreis {m}
osculating circle
Krümmungs­kreis {m}
osculating curveSchmiegungs­kurve {f}
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  • Based on osculating Keplerian orbital elements, "Janice" is located in the region of the Themis family (...), a very large family of carbonaceous asteroids, named after 24 Themis.
  • The best local spherical approximation to the ellipsoid in the vicinity of a given point is the "Earth's osculating sphere".
  • For objects at such high eccentricity, barycentric coordinates are more stable than heliocentric coordinates for a given epoch because the barycentric osculating orbit is not as greatly affected by where Jupiter is on its 11.8 year orbit.
  • 0) could be used forever, but a set of osculating elements for a particular epoch may only be (approximately) valid for a rather limited time, because osculating elements such as those exampled above do not show the effect of future perturbations which will change the values of the elements.
  • With help of a French curve one draws a curve, which has smooth contact to the osculating circles.

  • Comparing osculating elements at a specific epoch to effectively those at a different epoch will generate differences.
  • Total of 2034 Cybeles with osculating semi-major axis between 3.28 and 3.7 AU. Low numbered members of the collisional Sylvia (SYL) and smaller Ulla (ULA) families are also marked.
  • If "C" is a regular space curve then the osculating circle is defined in a similar way, using the principal normal vector "N".
  • The curvature of a differentiable curve was originally defined through osculating circles.
  • He is also one of the namesakes of the Tait–Kneser theorem on osculating circles.

  • This surface is sometimes confused with the tangent developable, which is the envelope "E" of the osculating planes of "C".
  • For each point "S"("t") on a smooth plane curve "S", there is exactly one osculating circle, whose radius is the reciprocal of κ("t"), the curvature of "S" at "t".
  • The DES defines centaurs as nonresonant objects whose osculating perihelia are less than the osculating semimajor axis of Neptune at any time during the integration.
  • Before 2014, "Rees" has been a near-Earth object of the Amor group, [...] as its perihelion was slightly less than 1.3 AU due to the body's osculating orbit.
  • The tangent and the normal vector at point [...] define the osculating plane at point [...].

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