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NOUN   an osmosis | osmoses
Osmose {f}
reverse osmosis <RO>
Gegenosmose {f}
reverse osmosis <RO>
Umkehrosmose {f}
reverse osmosis <RO>
Reversosmose {f}
thermal osmosis
Thermoosmose {f}
reverse osmosis membrane
Umkehrosmosemembran {f} <UO-Membran> [auch: Umkehrosmose-Membran]
reverse osmosis membrane
Umkehrosmose-Membrane {f} <UO-Membran> [auch: Umkehrosmosemembrane]
reverse osmosis plant
Umkehrosmoseanlage {f}
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  • Osmosis is responsible for the ability of plant roots to draw water from the soil.
  • Typically, spiral-wound reverse osmosis systems will need an SDI less than 5, and hollow fiber reverse osmosis systems will need an SDI less than 3.
  • Under 2 kWh/m3 has been achieved with reverse osmosis membrane technology, leaving limited scope for further energy reductions as the reverse osmosis energy consumption in the 1970s was 16 kWh/m3.
  • Reverse osmosis with applied heat during deionization.
  • The first viable reverse osmosis membrane was made from cellulose acetate as an integrally skinned asymmetric semi-permeable membrane.

  • Reverse osmosis may not be viable for brine treatment, due to the potential for fouling caused by hardness salts or organic contaminants, or damage to the reverse osmosis membranes from hydrocarbons.
  • He investigated and described osmosis, respiration, embryology, and the effect of light on plants.
  • The forward osmosis process is also known as osmosis or in the case of a number of companies who have coined their own terminology 'engineered osmosis' and 'manipulated osmosis'.
  • In 2004, Dalby began treating its water with state-of-the-art reverse osmosis process.
  • Simple diffusion and osmosis are in some ways similar.

  • Plasmolysis is the contraction of cells within plants due to the loss of water through osmosis.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) is the finest separation membrane process available, pore sizes range from 0.0001 μm to 0.001 μm.
  • Comparing CDI with reverse osmosis of water with salt concentrations lower than 20 mM, lab-scale research shows that the energy consumption in kWh per m3 freshwater produced can be lower for MCDI than for reverse osmosis.
  • Technologies for treatment of polluted brine include: membrane filtration processes, such as reverse osmosis and forward osmosis; ion exchange processes such as electrodialysis or weak acid cation exchange; or evaporation processes, such as thermal brine concentrators and crystallizers employing mechanical vapour recompression and steam.
  • The Department of Desalination and Water Treatment employs researchers who focus on various aspects of desalination and water treatment processes including the improvement and development of membranes for reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, and nanofiltration processes; processes to eliminate toxic materials from industrial effluents and polluted groundwater; and brine concentrate management.

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