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osmotic pressure <OP>
osmotischer Druck {m} <OD>
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colloid osmotic pressure <COP>
kolloidosmotischer Druck {m} <KOD>
osmotic {adj}osmotisch
osmotic balance
osmotisches Gleichgewicht {n}
osmotic value
osmotischer Wert {m}
osmotic diuresis
osmotische Diurese {f}
osmotic gradient
osmotischer Gradient {m}
osmotic adjustment
osmotische Anpassung {f}
osmotic equilibrium
osmotisches Gleichgewicht {n}
pulmonal artery pressure <PAP, PA pressure>
Pulmonalarteriendruck {m}
pressureDrängen {n}
Pression {f}
pressureDringlichkeit {f}
time pressureTermindruck {m}
pressure gradientDruckunterschied {m}
peer pressure Konformitätsdruck {m} [Gruppenzwang, Gruppendruck]
alternating pressure
Wechseldruck {m}
deadline pressureTermindruck {m}
pressure gradient
Druckgradient {m}
abutment pressure
Kämpferdruck {m}
intracranial pressure
intrakranieller Druck {m}
pressure necrosis
Drucknekrose {f}
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  • Because nutrient solutions are virtually never completely depleted, and should never be due to the unacceptably low osmotic pressure that would result, re-fortification of old solutions with new nutrients can save growers money and can control point source pollution, a common source for the eutrophication of nearby lakes and streams.
  • During 3-D diffusion, the high incidence of Crowder proteins creates an osmotic pressure which brings searcher proteins (e.g. ...
  • A rise in hydrostatic pressure occurs in cardiac failure. A fall in osmotic pressure occurs in nephrotic syndrome and liver failure.
  • It is uncertain how ctenophores control their buoyancy, but experiments have shown that some species rely on osmotic pressure to adapt to the water of different densities.
  • Finally, a late maturation stage gives rise to undischarged capsules under high osmotic pressure through the synthesis of poly-γ-glutamate into the matrix of the capsule.

  • It can be shown that gel swelling is the competition between two forces, one is the osmotic pressure of the polymer solution that favors the take in of solvent and expansion, the other is the restoring force of the polymer network elasticity that favors shrinkage.
  • In his original treatment, Einstein considered an osmotic pressure experiment, but the same conclusion can be reached in other ways.
  • Osmotic pressure is the minimum pressure which needs to be applied to a solution to prevent the inward flow of its pure solvent across a semipermeable membrane.
  • Sodium ions are the major cation in the extracellular fluid (ECF) and as such are the major contributor to the ECF osmotic pressure and ECF compartment volume.
  • The surfaces of the red blood cells are bound together by an osmotic pressure gradient that is created by depletion layers overlapping.

  • 5, or hyperosmotic; that is to say that the ratio of solutes to water in the plasma is shifted down whereby reducing osmotic pressure in the plasma.
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