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ADJ   osmotic | - | -
osmotic {adj}osmotisch
2 Wörter
osmotic adjustment
osmotische Anpassung {f}
osmotic balance
osmotisches Gleichgewicht {n}
osmotic diuresis
osmotische Diurese {f}
osmotic equilibrium
osmotisches Gleichgewicht {n}
osmotic gradient
osmotischer Gradient {m}
osmotic pressure <OP>
osmotischer Druck {m} <OD>
osmotic value
osmotischer Wert {m}
3 Wörter
colloid osmotic pressure <COP>
kolloidosmotischer Druck {m} <KOD>
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  • The osmotic pressure of solution is determined by the number of particles present and by the temperature.
  • Osmotic pressure is the main agent of support in many plants.
  • In eukaryotes, calcium acts as one of the primary regulators of osmotic stress. Intracellular calcium levels rise during hypo-osmotic and hyper-osmotic stresses.
  • Since regions of soil are usually not divided by a semipermeable membrane, the osmotic potential typically has a negligible influence on the mass movement of water in soils.
  • and interstitial protein osmotic pressure (...), and two absorptive forces, plasma protein osmotic pressure (...) and interstitial pressure (...).

  • Freezing point depression osmometers are utilised to determine a solution's osmotic strength.
  • Microtox Osmotic Adjustment Solution (MOAS) is a nontoxic solution that is made up of 22% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and Ultra Pure Water.
  • Osmotic shock is applied by exposing cells to a medium containing high concentration of a solute, e.g., salt or sugar exerting a high osmotic pressure and the subsequent sudden dilution of the medium resulting in an increase in intracellular pressure.
  • Osmotic fragility (OF) refers to the degree or proportion of hemolysis that occurs when a sample of red blood cells are subjected to osmotic stress by being placed in a hypotonic solution.
  • This will create an osmotic pressure gradient and will cause the flow of water out of the brain and into the vasculature for drainage elsewhere.

  • In addition to organic nutrient and mineral presence, temperature and pH, osmotic pressure also has an effect on "C.
  • In an ideally dilute solution, van ‘t Hoff's law of osmotic pressure can be used to calculate [...] from osmotic pressure.
  • According to the Boyle&ndash;v'ant Hoff Relation, the product of osmotic potential and volume of solution should be a constant for any given amount of osmotically active solutes in an ideal osmotic system.
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