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NOUN   an osphradium | osphradia
Osphradium {n}
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Übersetzung für 'osphradium' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Osphradium {n}zool.
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  • These terrestrial gastropods have lost the ctenidium (comb-like respiratory apparatus) and osphradium, and the pallial cavity has been modified as a lung.
  • The salivary and digestive glands are the same as those found in "Arion" species but the vestigial osphradium (kidney-like structure) within the mantle chamber is more distinct than it is in "Arion" species.
  • The osphradium is a patch of sensory cells located below the posterior adductor muscle that may serve to taste the water or measure its turbidity.
  • The osphradium, the olfactory organ linked with the respiration organ, is usually relatively small.
  • It is a popular idea among malacologists that the presence of an osphradium should be a molluscan synapomorphy.

  • This space contains the mollusk's gills, anus, osphradium, nephridiopores, and gonopores.
  • "Cima minima" is a species of gastropods belonging to the family Cimidae. They have no eyes. They are hermaphrodites. Due to their small size, they do not have a heart, an osphradium or a ctenidium.
  • Through torsion of the intestinal mass and a spiral movement of the body, the gill, the kidney and the osphradium (which means sensory receptor, or olfactory organ) have disappeared on the right side.
  • Their olfactory organ, the osphradium is enlarged.
  • This commensalism results in some morphological changes : a thin basal plate, a very long snout and a small osphradium.

  • There is a bipectinate osphradium located at base of siphon and branches off from a central axis.
  • In gastropods, the perception of environmental chemical stimuli originating, for example, from food or other organisms is possibly mediated by sensory organs such as the osphradium.
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