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ozone resistanceOzonbeständigkeit {f}
alternating current resistance <AC resistance>
Wechselstromwiderstand {m}
stratospheric ozone
stratosphärisches Ozon {n}
ozone hole
Ozonloch {n}
ozone levelOzonwert {m}
ozone layer
Ozonschicht {f}
ozone cracksOzonrisse {pl}
ozone checkingOzonrisse {pl}
ozone influenceOzoneinwirkung {f}
ozone treatment
Ozonbehandlung {f}
ozone chemistry
Ozonchemie {f}
ozone levels
Ozonwerte {pl}
ozone loss
Ozonverlust {m}
ozone therapy
Ozontherapie {f}
ozone column
Ozonsäule {f}
ozone layer
Ozonhülle {f}
ozone layerOzonosphäre {f}
ozone contentOzongehalt {m}
ozone killer
Ozonkiller {m} [ugs.]
ozone warning
Ozonalarm {m}
ozone depletion
Ozonabbau {m}
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  • Do have excellent seawater resistance and resistance to ozone aging and ultraviolet rays.
  • The Taerkastens blame more "technological" factions like The Resistance and Ghorkovs for destroying the Earth's ozone layer and its atmosphere.
  • His patents included testing devices / methods for measuring cure behavior, ozone cracking, rubber tack and cutting and chipping resistance of rubber.
  • Because it suggested for the first time that human activity could impact the integrity of the environment, Johnston's ozone research received some criticism and resistance.
  • Its value as a street tree is largely due to its resistance to salt spray (from road de-icing salt) and various industrial pollutants (including ozone), and its intermediate drought tolerance.

  • Nitrile rubber seals are commonly used in pneumatic systems because of its oil resistance.
  • Pigment-based aqueous inks are typically more costly but provide much better long-term durability and ultraviolet resistance.
  • Arcing also erodes the surfaces of the contacts, wearing them down and creating high contact resistance when closed.
  • A single, systematic fungicide should not be used continuously as resistance can develop.
  • The ripple to the skinned coaxial cable has a low contact resistance between 0.10 and 0.15 mΩ.

  • Acrylic rubber, known by the chemical name alkyl acrylate copolymer (ACM) or the tradename HyTemp, is a type of rubber that has outstanding resistance to hot oil and oxidation.
  • This increase of temperature with altitude is characteristic of the stratosphere; its resistance to vertical mixing means that it is stratified.
  • Estimates of the resistance for gas mucus and tissue in the terminal bronchioles for [...] , [...] , and CO show that [...] has the quickest uptake due to its high aqueous solubility and very low resistance of mucus and tissue layers.
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