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ozone-sensitive {adj}ozonempfindlich
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Übersetzung für 'ozone-sensitive' von Englisch nach Deutsch

ozone-sensitive {adj}
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  • 8-hour average ozone mole fractions of 76 to 95 nmol/mol are described as "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups", 96 nmol/mol to 115 nmol/mol as unhealthy and 116 nmol/mol to 404 nmol/mol as very unhealthy.
  • Many elastomers are sensitive to ozone cracking. Exposure to ozone creates deep penetrative cracks in critical components like gaskets and O-rings.
  • Because the chains have a double bond in each and every repeat unit, the material is sensitive to ozone cracking.
  • Some synthetic rubbers are less sensitive to ozone cracking than NR.
  • "Verbesina occidentalis" has been shown to be one of the plants that is sensitive to the rising ozone levels.

  • 8 hour average ozone concentrations of 85 to 104 ppbv are described as "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups", 105 ppbv to 124 ppbv as "unhealthy" and 125 ppb to 404 ppb as "very unhealthy".
  • The vine is very sensitive to air pollution, ozone damage as well as sulphur-based sprays (such as the Bordeaux mixture used to combat powdery and downy mildew).
  • Under the current standards, eight-hour average ozone mole fractions of 85 to 104 nmol/mol are described as "unhealthy for sensitive groups", 105 nmol/mol to 124 nmol/mol as "unhealthy", and 125 nmol/mol to 404 nmol/mol as "very unhealthy".
  • His main achievements in UNEP include the innovative mechanisms of South-South cooperation, regional networking of National Ozone Officers, participatory process for developing country strategy for implementation of the Montreal Protocol, decentralized information clearinghouse, training for the customs officers to prevent environmentally sensitive illegal trade, developing refrigerant management plans and terminal phase out management plans which.
  • In contrast to the classical signal detection on microarrays by using fluorescence, the colorimetric detection is more sensitive and ozone-stable.

  • While inventing a UV-sensitive ink at Xytronyx, he became skeptical of the existence of the ozone hole.
  • This includes a forecast from May to the end of September and alerts if the forecast approaches the level of unhealthy for sensitive groups.
  • People especially sensitive to smog are advised to limit their time outdoors.
  • EPDM membranes are seamed using pressure-sensitive tapes to join two sheets together.
  • In 2014, Nerilie Abram used a network of temperature-sensitive ice core and tree growth records to reconstruct a 1000-year history of the Southern Annular Mode.

  • The small effect in the O2 is removed by the process of photosynthesis and respiration and allows a new, highly sensitive way to quantify global primary productivity (GPP) in the world's oceans and, from oxygen trapped in ice cores across long time periods.
  • Organic peroxides in general are sensitive, dangerous explosives, and all forms of acetone peroxide are sensitive to initiation.
  • Straightforward acidic conditions can be used if acid-sensitive functional groups are not an issue; sulfuric acid can be used; weaker acids can be used with a tradeoff of longer reaction times.
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