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p-type conduction [hole conduction]
p-Leitung {f} [Löcherleitung]
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p-type conduction [hole conduction]
p-Leitung {f} [Löcherleitung]electr.
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  • While the conduction in an n- (p-) type doped semiconductor sets in at high temperatures because the conduction (valence) band is partially filled with electrons (holes) with the original band structure being unchanged, the situation is different in the case of the Mott transition where the band structure itself changes.
  • Following the end of forwarding conduction in a p–n type diode, a reverse current can flow for a short time.
  • According to the literature, design strategy of hole conductors is mainly p-type based and the issues on the sensitizing are accentuated on n-type electron accepting materials, which are usually of very low content in the blends and thus do not provide a complementary path for electron conduction.
  • It is followed by a pause that is a multiple of the P-P interval usually (2-4). Conduction across the SA node is normal until the time of the pause when it is blocked.
  • If implemented in devices, these materials could provide a new type of control of conduction.
  • This has a maximum at the point where the voltage bias is such that the energy level of the p and n conduction bands are the same.
  • It occurs in a reverse biased p-n diode when the electric field enables tunneling of electrons from the valence to the conduction band of a semiconductor, leading to numerous free minority carriers which suddenly increase the reverse current.
  • It is the conduction channel that allows the electrons to flow from the source to the drain.
  • Ions which reach the detector lose some of their energy to inelastic scattering from the electrons, and some of these electrons gain enough energy to overcome the band gap between the semiconductor valence and conduction bands.
  • Surface conductivity may refer to the electrical conduction across a solid surface measured by surface probes.
  • The α1A subunit is the responsible for the conduction of calcium current.
  • Electrons are injected from photoexcited dye into the conduction band of titania and holes are transported by a solid charge transport electrolyte to an electrode.
  • Other types of polymers capable of ion conduction include polymeric ions, which incorporate either an oxidized (for anion transport) or reduced element of the polymer main chain through a process called chemical doping.
  • Delafossite compounds also have properties dealing with electric conductivity such as insulation and/or metallic conduction.
  • Operation is described using band-bending diagrams that show how the lowest conduction band energy and the highest valence band energy vary with position inside the diode under various bias conditions.
  • This is called subthreshold conduction. The primary source of leakage occurs inside transistors, but electrons can also leak between interconnects.
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