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NOUN   a p-value | p-values
p-Wert {m}
Signifikanzwert {m} <p, p-Wert>
probability value <p-value, p>
p-Wert {m} <p> [Wahrscheinlichkeitswert]
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  • A LOD score of 3 translates to a "p"-value of approximately 0.05, and no multiple testing correction (e.g. ...
  • The chi-squared statistic can then be used to calculate a p-value by comparing the value of the statistic to a chi-squared distribution.
  • For statistical hypothesis testing this function is used to construct the "p"-value.
  • The p-value is the probability of obtaining results as extreme as or more extreme than those observed, assuming the null hypothesis (H0) is true.
  • authors of statistical text books began combining the two approaches by using the "p"-value in place of the test statistic (or data) to test against the Neyman–Pearson "significance level".
  • Although in principle the acceptable level of statistical significance may be subject to debate, the significance level is the largest p-value that allows the test to reject the null hypothesis.
  • Here, the calculated "p"-value exceeds .05, meaning that the data falls within the range of what would happen 95% of the time were the coin in fact fair.
  • Scargle believes unless both Bayesian and classical p-value analysis agree and both show the same anomalous effects, the kind of result GCP proposes will not be generally accepted.
  • Looking up the "z"-score in a table of the standard normal distribution cumulative probability, we find that the probability of observing a standard normal value below −2.47 is approximately 0.5 − 0.4932 = 0.0068.
  • to calculate the "p"-value for logistic regression is the likelihood-ratio test (LRT), which for these data give [...] (see [...] below).
  • 5 from the difference between each observed value and its expected value in a 2 &times; 2 contingency table.
  • These values can be calculated evaluating the quantile function (also known as "inverse CDF" or "ICDF") of the chi-squared distribution; e.
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