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NOUN   a paca | pacas
SYNO Cuniculus paca | paca
paca [genus Cuniculus]
Paka {n}
lowland paca [Cuniculus paca]
Paka {n}
mountain paca [Cuniculus taczanowskii]
Bergpaka {n}
spotted paca [Cuniculus paca]
Paka {n}
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  • There are many local bird species as well as a variety of reptiles and mammals such as the agouti paca, acutí sayju, aguara'í, tapití and different species of armadillos.
  • Seed dispersers include the Central American agouti ("Dasyprocta punctata"), and lowland paca ("Agouti paca").
  • "Annona cacans", with the common names: Araticum-cagão, Araticum de paca, Araticum-pacarí, is a fruit tree native to Atlantic Forest and Cerrado vegetation in Brazil and Paraguay.
  • Sheri resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Paca Thomas, five-time Emmy-winning sound designer, producer and owner of media arts company pacaworks.com.
  • The seeds of the tree are dispersed by wild animals that eat the fruit, including tepezcuintle ("Cuniculus paca"), tejón coati ("Nasua narica") and agoutis ("Dasyprocta" sp.).

  • Poarch is also associated with her alpaca stuffed toy. In 2020, she released a limited clothing line RIPNDIP x Paca Collaboration.
  • Mammals include the spectacled bear ("Tremarctos ornatus"), tapir, lowland paca ("Cuniculus paca"), anteater and ocelot ("Leopardus pardalis").
  • The main objective is to protect the forest remnants and species listed as endangered in Brazil such as red-spectacled amazon ("Amazona pretrei"), lowland paca (Cuniculus paca), brocket deer (Mazama species), Geoffroy's cat ("Leopardus geoffroyi") and oncilla ("Leopardus tigrinus").
  • Alvarado grew up in Venezuela. He likes to hunt 3-foot iguanas and paca, with a slingshot. Alvarado has two children, a daughter and a son.
  • The most hunted species are paca, agouti and armadillo.

  • The residents practice subsistence hunting of birds of the Galliformes and Tinamiformes orders, and mammals such as peccary, paca, agouti and monkey.
  • Species named after him include Taczanowski's tinamou ("Nothoprocta taczanowskii)", the Junin flightless grebe ("Podiceps taczanowskii)", the mountain paca ("Agouti taczanowskii)", Taczanowski's gudgeon ("Ladislavia taczanowskii)", and Taczanowski's dwarf boa ("Tropidophis taczanowskyi)".
  • The lowland paca ("Cuniculus paca"), also known as the spotted paca, is a large rodent found in tropical and sub-tropical America, from east-central Mexico to northern Argentina, and has been introduced to Cuba and Algeria.
  • In "Captain Carrot and the Final Ark", Ra's is parodied as Rash Al Paca, an alpaca who plans to save the environment from "animalkind" by increasing global warming and flooding the planet.
  • The mountain paca has longer and darker fur than the lowland paca. Observations indicate mountain pacas are found between [...] above sea level.

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