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to pace across a field [to measure the field]ein Feld durchschreiten [bemessen]
to charge across the fieldüber das Feld stürmen
at a slow pace {adv}langsamen Schrittes [geh.]
at a steady pace {adv}mit gleichförmiger Geschwindigkeit
at a furious pace {adv}mit stürmischem Schritt
at a smart pace {adv}mit schnellem Schritt
at a stately pace {adv}gemessenen Schrittes
at a measured pace {adv}in gemäßigtem Tempo
at a sluggish pace {adv}im Schneckentempo [fig.] [ugs.]
at a quick pace {adv}im Schnellschritt
at a foot-pace {adv}im Schritt [im Schritttempo]
at a leisurely pace {adv}gemächlichen Schrittes
at a walking pace {adv}im Schritt [im Schritttempo]
at a walking-pace {adv}im Schritt [im Schritttempo]
at a military pace {adv}im Marschschritt
at a brisk pace {adv}mit schnellen Schritten
at a spanking pace {adv}in schnellem Tempo
at a rapid pace {adv}mit schnellen Schritten
at a faster pace {adv}mit höherer Geschwindigkeit
at a faster pace {adv}schneller
at a hurried pace {adv}eiligen Schrittes
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The rough-and-tumble stallion attended summer band practices during 2011 to become adjusted to game noise and has been clocked galloping across the football field at a record pace.
  • The Aggies were unable to keep pace, however, giving up another 14 points before the game was called at 5:20 pm on account of a rolling fog that made it impossible to see across the width of the field.
  • The game is a variant of "Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved" where the player is given one life to survive continual waves of orange rockets that pace back and forth across the edges of the play-field for as long as possible.
  • "Perumkulam Ela" is the main paddy field spread across (North-South) Punthalathazham.
  • Twenty-five metres from the English line, Ella received the ball from the scrum base and began to drift across the field with the ball in hand.

  • She remained sequestered in the hotel while the Army rolled cannons into the park across the street, and when the danger passed, she returned home to Maine.
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