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NOUN1   a pace maker | pace makers
NOUN2   a pace-maker | pace-makers
pace makerSchrittmacher {m}
pace-makerSchrittmacher {m}
paceGeschwindigkeit {f}
paceTempo {n}
to paceauf und ab gehen
to paceschreiten
to pacedurchschreiten
paceStufe {f}
pace ... {prep}bei allem Respekt ... gegenüber
to pacegehen
ordinary pacenormale Geschwindigkeit {f}
to pace [horse]
im Passgang gehen
pace [horse]
Gangart {f}
to pace oneselfseinen Rhythmus finden / halten
Pace yourself!Lass es ruhig angehen!
breakneck pacehalsbrecherische Geschwindigkeit {f}
at pace {adv}zügig
brisk paceforscher Schritt {m}
pace-setterSchrittmacher {m}
slow pacelangsamer Gang {m}
slackening pacelangsamer werdender Schritt {m}
smart pacemunterer Schritt {m}
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  • HCN4 is prominently expressed in the pace maker region of the mammalian heart.
  • Bassist Alex Campbell went on to be instrumental in designing a pace-maker capable of restarting one's heart.
  • In "Piers Morgan's Life Stories", Bear Grylls said that his father had a pace-maker fitted in February 2001, but suddenly died of a heart attack two days after his operation while recovering at home.
  • org, in 2009 received one of seven National Pace Maker Awards for progressive journalism.
  • A humanoid walking machine is an example of the soft cyborg and a pace-maker is an example for augmenting human as a hard cyborg.

  • The rhythm of contraction is controlled by the pace maker cells which have a lower threshold for depolarization.
  • Ghana had become the pace-maker of the Pan-African Movement.
  • Its existence affects the conduction system of the heart and increases the mortality rate and the need for pace-maker implantation.
  • Importantly, in this working model, slow oscillations have the role of a 'time-giving pace maker', and seem to be a prerequisite for the success of cueing.
  • Peristalsis of the smooth muscle originating in pace-maker cells originating in the walls of the calyces propels urine through the renal pelvis and ureters to the bladder.

  • On 19/2/05 he rode his first winner, Pace Maker.
  • Teammate Jannie Engelbrecht remembered Ellis as always acting as the pace-maker in training runs, and that he would continue on after others would stop.
  • Also binding sites for profilin-actin heterodimers have been suggested, selected Ser residues are phosphorylated and two Arginines in the second WH2 domain, which is considered the pace maker of the actin nucleation process were detected to be methylated.
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