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NOUN   pace of development | -
pace of developmentEntwicklungs­geschwindigkeit {f}
change of pace
Tempowechsel {m}
change of paceWechsel {m} der Gangart
pace of inflation
Inflationstempo {n}
pace of business
Geschäftsgang {m}
pace of modernizationModernisierungs­tempo {n}
pace of investmentInvestitionstempo {n}
pace of growthWachstumsgeschwindigkeit {f}
pace of workArbeitstempo {n}
pace of expansionExpansionstempo {n}
change of paceGangartwechsel {m}
pace of modernisation [Br.]Modernisierungs­tempo {n}
the pace of lifeder Rhythmus {m} des Lebens
the pace of reformsdas Tempo {n} der Reformen
period of developmentEntwicklungs­phase {f}
period of developmentEntwicklungs­periode {f}
progress of developmentFortschritt {m} der Entwicklung
development of addiction
Suchtentwicklung {f}
principle of developmentEntwicklungs­prinzip {n}
development of bullaeBlasenbildung {f}
theory of developmentEntwicklungs­theorie {f}
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  • In addition, the closure of the Torpedo Experimental Establishment, Greenock, Scotland in 1959 and the transfer of its staff to Portland in Dorset disrupted the pace of development.
  • World War II saw a great increase in the pace of development and production, not only of aircraft but also the associated flight-based weapon delivery systems.
  • The township acquired large tracts of environmentally sensitive land to slow the pace of development, preserve the environment, and protect housing values.
  • George Place had improved, he was frustrated by the slow pace of development.
  • The pace of development may indeed have accelerated, due to massively larger population (so more humans extant to think of innovations), more communication and sharing of ideas among human populations, and the accumulation of thinking tools.

  • After the Second World War, the pace of development increased and large new housing estates were built to the south of the village.
  • Due to the recession of the 1990s, private initiatives have now superseded the earlier state interventions, but generally the pace of development has decreased and settled.
  • As economic activities flourished in the area, more people especially businessmen settled into the place which contributed much to faster pace of development.
  • The pace of development increased dramatically during the early war years for the personnel of RRE, Malvern, and a close working relationship was established with the Royal Air Force.
  • The city of Chania slowly regained its normal pace of development during the 1950s, trying to overcome the difficulties that the war had left in its aftermath.

  • In parallel to its accelerated pace of development, the gas company created Medvezhye gas field, with the intention of becoming a social and cultural center of the Tyumen North.
  • The transport of most of its product was mainly done from the ports of Iloilo, which explains the fast moving pace of development of the sugar industry in Negros Occidental, primarily due to its proximity to Iloilo.
  • On December 17, 2006, Turner, in his blog, acknowledged the slow pace of development, and revealed that Mozilla developers were exploring alternatives for Gecko-based web browsing on mobile handsets.
  • With the sale of the land to Aetna, the pace of development in Warner Center accelerated.
  • Soon the pace of development around the foot of Lonsdale began to pick up.

  • Musk has publicly acknowledged this business reality, and indicated in mid-2015 that while endeavoring to develop this technically-complicated space-based communication system he wants to avoid overextending the company and stated that they are being measured in the pace of development.
  • In early 1945, concerned with the slow pace of development and the unreliability of the supply of hydrogen peroxide, the Japanese admiralty decided to pursue another line of Kaiten development.
  • faced a slower pace of development, as well as the evolution of megaron-type dwellings and cist grave burials.
  • It was during the tenure of the Wandsworth board that much of Battersea was developed; but such was the pace of development in Battersea that by 1887 it had a population sufficient to win the case for renewed local autonomy under the Metropolis Management (Battersea and Westminster) Act of 1887.
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