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NOUN   pace of growth | -
pace of growthWachstumsgeschwindigkeit {f}
change of pace
Tempowechsel {m}
change of paceWechsel {m} der Gangart
pace of investmentInvestitionstempo {n}
pace of business
Geschäftsgang {m}
pace of modernizationModernisierungs­tempo {n}
pace of developmentEntwicklungs­geschwindigkeit {f}
pace of expansionExpansionstempo {n}
pace of workArbeitstempo {n}
pace of inflation
Inflationstempo {n}
change of paceGangartwechsel {m}
pace of modernisation [Br.]Modernisierungs­tempo {n}
the pace of lifeder Rhythmus {m} des Lebens
the pace of reformsdas Tempo {n} der Reformen
law of growth
Wachstumsgesetz {n}
growth of tradeAusdehnung {f} des Handels
concept of growth
Wachstumsbegriff {m}
pattern of growthStruktur {f} des Wachstums
acceleration of growthBeschleunigung {f} des Wachstums
syndrome of growthWachstumssyndrom {n}
rate of growthWachstumsrate {f}
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  • Through the 1980s and 1990s, AUVS mirrored the fast pace of growth of the worldwide unmanned systems industry, and the need for the organization's services began to reach far beyond Washington, D.C.
  • The pace of growth of the city was so fast that in 2004 the city applied to the Guinness Book of World Records for the most new manufacturing industries started in a single day: 139 factories.
  • In the early twenty-first century the pace of growth has accelerated again.
  • Since economic liberalization started in early 1990s, the pace of growth has increased substantially and Indian Railways has set ambitious targets for the Eleventh Five-Year Plan.
  • The pace of growth quickened further with the opening of Shildon Colliery to the south of the Soho Works in 1873.

  • In the 1970s and 1980s, the pace of growth would continue to increase as agriculture became commercialized, using the roads to transport soybeans and rice produced in the state in order to be sold abroad.
  • In keeping with the pace of growth, the present bed strength has increased to 1050 bedded.
  • The most populous continent is also home to the world's largest democracy and its pace of growth and booming economies have led to a proliferation of media enterprises.
  • The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is remarkable for its rapid pace of growth and popularity among local New Orleanians, gaining momentum from a small core group in its first few weeks to over 300 dues-paying members in its first year.
  • However, in this situation, total environmental impacts "would still be increasing", albeit at a slower pace of growth than in GDP.

  • From the mid-1990s until at least 2010, the pace of growth in the Canadian economy was the strongest and most sustained since the 1960s.
  • The GCRI has to catch up with ever-changing rapid pace of growth in patients as well as technologies.
  • While every one of Pakistan's administrative units currently has a growing population, the pace of growth is uneven throughout the country due to differing levels of fertility, mortality, as well as domestic and international migration.
  • This model is based on the Keynesian multiplier, which is a consequence of assuming that consumption intentions depend on the level of economic activity, and the accelerator theory of investment, which assumes that investment intentions depend on the pace of growth in economic activity.
  • Plants were increasing both in number and size as can be seen from the faster pace of growth of installed capacity compared with raw installation numbers.

  • Although in retrospect the observation seems obvious, the "theory of the leveling-off curve" espoused by Groman and Bazarov postulated that an economy with substantial reserves of idle capacity would initially show an inordinately rapid pace of growth as productive capital returned to use, with this rate tapering off as available plant approached full capacity.
  • Streaming services saw a significant pace of growth in the mid-2010s, overtaking music stores as the largest revenue stream of digital music.
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