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SYNO pachisi | parchesi | parchisi
pachisi [traditional Indian board game]
[Variante von Mensch ärgere dich nicht]
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Übersetzung für 'pachisi' von Englisch nach Deutsch

pachisi [traditional Indian board game]
[Variante von Mensch ärgere dich nicht]games
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The show is based on the "Baital Pachisi" collection of tales about the semi-legendary King Vikram, identified as Vikramāditya, and the Vetala, a huge vampire-like being.
  • The group's name is a reference to the board game "parchís" (an adaptation of "pachisi"), where each player represents a different colored pawn (red, yellow, blue, and green).
  • In the "Baital Pachisi" this is the only riddle that the wise King Vikrama "cannot" answer.
  • From 1988, she played the role of Maharani Chitrangadhaa, mother of Babruvahana, in Mahabharat Katha TV show. She acted in a TV serial called "Betaal Pachisi" with Tom Alter and Shahbaz Khan.
  • Although its first official print reference does not appear until 1946, Uckers is believed to derive from the Indian game Pachisi in the 18th or 19th century.

  • Games featured were Backgammon, Checkers, Dominoes, Yacht (the original ancestor of the trademarked game Yahtzee), Pachisi, and Snakes and Ladders.
  • Bhojpuri Folktales of Vikramaditya like Singhashan Battishi, Baital pachisi are still famous in the town and other Bhojpuri speaking area.
  • "Vikram Vetal", a 1986 Indian fantasy film directed by Shantilal Soni was based on the "Baital Pachisi" about King Vikramaditya and the Vetala.
  • Snakes and ladders originated as part of a family of Indian dice board games that included "gyan chauper" and pachisi (known in English as Ludo and "Parcheesi").
  • The Indian game Pachisi and its many descendants are perhaps the most well-known of all cross and circle games.

  • Classical board games are divided into four categories: race games (such as pachisi), space games (such as noughts and crosses), chase games (such as hnefatafl), and games of displacement (such as chess).
  • Edris a jin was a cross and circle game played in Syria and Lebanon. It has been compared to Pachisi.
  • After Betaal Pachisi Sunil Agnihotri went on to direct series like Satyawadi Raja HarishChandra, Gulsanober and so on.
  • A series aired on Doordarshan in 1997 named "Betaal Pachisi" depicting the 25th Phantom played by Shahbaz Khan.
  • Many of the details about the lives of Bharthari and his brother Vikramaditya are from the tales of "Baital Pachisi" (Twenty five tales of Baital), translated as 'Vikram and The Vampire' by Sir Richard Francis Burton in 1870.

  • Franklin Edgerton translated it as "The Adventures of Vikrama" in four of its popular rescensions. It is sometimes published along with the Baital Pachisi.
  • "Vikram Aur Betaal" is based on 'Betaal Pachisi', written in the 11th century by Kashmiri poet Somdev Bhatt.
  • It is a non-circular descendant of the ancient Indian board game Pachisi.
  • in their "Top 100 Games of 1980", praising it as an "old classic in the pachisi mold" that was "Especially recommended for family play" even though "The title gives us cause for regret".
  • "Parcheesi" is a brand-name American adaptation of the Indian cross and circle board game Pachisi, published by Parker Brothers and Winning Moves Games USA.

  • In France the name "Petits Chevaux" is also used for a variant of Pachisi or Mensch, ärgere dich nicht; the playing stones are in the shape of knights; see Jeu des petits chevaux.
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