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NOUN   a pachycephalosaur | pachycephalosaurs
pachycephalosaurs [Pachycephalosauria] [extinct]
Pachycephalosaurier {pl} [ausgestorben]
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  • It also has a domed head that would have resembled those of pachycephalosaurs.
  • The curvature of the ischium and absence of an obturator foramen were not characteristics seen in other pachycephalosaurs.
  • Like some other pachycephalosaurs, "Prenocephale" is known only from skulls and a few other small bones.
  • Ornithischians include the pachycephalosaurs "Homalocephale" and "Prenocephale", the hadrosaurid "Saurolophus", the ankylosaurs "Saichania" and "Tarchia".
  • However, there have also been alternative suggestions that the pachycephalosaurs could not have used their domes in this way.

  • recovered the animals traditionally considered 'heterodontosaurids' as a basal grouping within Pachycephalosauria, paraphyletic with respect to the traditional, dome-headed pachycephalosaurs.
  • Since the type specimen of this genus was only a tooth and "Troodon" teeth are unusually similar to those of the unrelated thick-headed pachycephalosaurs, "Troodon" and its relatives would be embroiled in taxonomic confusion for over a century.
  • "Triceratops"), the pachycephalosaurs or "thick-headed" dinosaurs, the armored dinosaurs (Thyreophora) such as stegosaurs and ankylosaurs, and the ornithopods.
  • The discovery of this specimen lead to several new revelations in the fossil records questioning the preservation of small-bodied organisms along with the evolution of early pachycephalosaurs.
  • The inner artwork includes images of other dinosaur skulls steganographically overlapped in a similar manner to the front cover, including two pachycephalosaurs and "Ankylosaurus".

  • The recognizable skull domes present in pachycephalosaurs were formed by the fusion of the frontal and parietal bones and the addition of thick deposits of bone to that unit.
  • It is uncertain what pachycephalosaurs ate; having very small, ridged teeth they could not have chewed tough, fibrous plants as effectively as other dinosaurs of the same period.
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