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NOUN   a pachyderm | pachyderms
pachydermDickhäuter {m}
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Übersetzung für 'pachyderm' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Dickhäuter {m}
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  • Its imposing pachyderm logo, designed by Rollin Binzer was often paired with bright orange or yellow and black packaging, which was in stark contrast of the more conservative silvers and blues used by competitors like IBM.
  • The pachyderm was well known for appearing in Bowmanville's annual Santa Claus Parade and several movies.
  • Because of the pachyderm's glorious history he was buried in the Cortile del Belvedere.
  • Mickey and Horace Horsecollar stall Eli's repossession of Bobo until the baby pachyderm discovers his mother is in a visiting circus.
  • It is decorated with six short incisions, and the soles of the pachyderm's feet show a crosshatch pattern.

  • The boy's classmates resent his pride in "owning" the pachyderm, and the boy learns to share, making his peers equal "owners".
  • He is appreciated by the villagers for saving the people from the violent pachyderm.
  • Ataide personally led his little crew in boarding and defeating the much larger smugglers' crew, and brought back the seized ship with its cargo nearly intact (one pachyderm died in the fighting).
  • The band's name is a pachyderm-inspired reference to the brothers' last name.
  • The concerts also featured the trio's mascot and pachyderm pal, Elephant.

  • In further versions of the same tale, many story-tellers want him to clamour inside the temple in the likeness of a black elephant or with the retinue of a trumpeting pachyderm.
  • In 2006, singer/songwriter Al Evans wrote "Black Diamond's Song," a lament from the pachyderm's perspective.
  • Things are resolved to everyone's satisfaction when the "male" elephant is discovered to be pregnant; and Dr.Tibbett helps deliver a healthy baby pachyderm.
  • Although the former order of Pachydermata is often described as an artificial grouping of unrelated mammals, it was recognised by notable zoologists, including Charles Darwin, as a grade of hoofed mammals to the exception of other ungulates; and anatomical characters support the affinities of "pachyderm" mammals to each other and to other ungulates.
  • Various web sites offer variations on the elephant's foot story, a consensus of which would be that engineers extending the Dibru-Sadiya railway line to Ledo for the Assam Railways and Trading Company (AR&TC) in 1882 were using elephants for haulage and noticed that the mud on one pachyderm's feet smelled of oil.

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