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pain at motion
Bewegungs­schmerz {m}
pain at rest
Ruheschmerz {m}
pain {sg} at rest
Schmerzen {pl} in Ruhe
till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all [coll.] bis der Schmerz so groß ist, dass du gar nichts mehr fühlst
motionLauf {m}
to motionein Zeichen geben
motionBewegung {f}
Triebwerk {n} [Uhrwerk]
Antrag {m}
Antrag {m} bei einer Sitzung
(mündlicher) Verfahrensantrag {m}
Vorstoss {m} [schweiz.] [Antrag im Parlament]
Antragsschrift {f}
slow motion
Slow Motion {f}
vehicle motion
Fahrzeugbewegung {f}
motion picture
Motion-Picture {n}
similar motionGleichbewegung {f}
motion quantity
Bewegungs­größe {f}
precautionary motion
Hilfsantrag {m}
automatic motionautomatische Bewegung {f}
retrograde motion
rückläufige Bewegung {f}
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  • On physical examination, patients usually present with a limited range of motion at the hip and complain of pain particularly with forced internal rotation.
  • The benefit of fusion is pain relief and the downside is elimination of motion at the fused joint, which can hinder function.
  • At the time, she was being treated for lung pain at the Motion Picture & Television Country Hospital in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles.
  • Osteoarthritic pain is present with weightbearing, but the meniscal tear causes pain with a twisting motion of the knee as the meniscal fragment gets pinched, and the capsular attachment gets stretched causing the complaint of pain.
  • The horse is evaluated in motion, usually at the walk and trot, but occasionally also in the canter.

  • Physiotherapy can help manage the pain, but utilizing a program that involves continuous passive motion will reduce the pain even further.
  • Shoulder arthritis is characterized by pain, stiffness, and loss of function and often by a grinding on shoulder motion.
  • This results in limited / altered motion at the lumbo-sacral articulation.
  • Symptoms include shoulder pain and limited range of motion although these symptoms are common in many shoulder conditions.
  • Intra-articular osteochondromas of the hip can induce limitation of range of motion, joint pain and acetabular dysplasia.

  • Early composing for theater or music productions: a score for the inaugural concert at the Danny Kaye/Sylvia Fine Playhouse entitled "Five Minute Tango", performed by the Manhattan Brass Quintet; "The Conversation" for the Seattle-based New Performance Group at the Walker Art Center in Minnesota for the Music in Motion program; "Flashes", a structured improvised collaboration with choreographer Blondell Cummings and musicians Jeanne Lee and Pauline Oliveros for the Firewall Festival 1993; and music for Helen Thorington's radio piece "Dracula's Wives" for broadcast: a tour of "Flashes" to the Taklos Festival in Switzerland; and, a dramatized version of "Unending Pain", with text by Laurie Carlos, at P.S.
  • An ankle sprain can lead to a spectrum of soft tissue impingement reducing motion in the ankle.
  • Exercises will be prescribed to improve range of motion.
  • On the eve of trial in 2015, the state filed a motion to sever Lawrence Egbert's trial from that of Final Exit Network, Inc.
  • Increasing the range of motion creates good posture and develops proficient performance in everyday activities increasing the length of life and overall health of the individual.

  • The tibia is pulled forward to assess the amount of anterior motion of the tibia in comparison to the femur.
  • Spinal precautions, also known as spinal immobilization and spinal motion restriction, are efforts to prevent movement of the spine in those with a risk of a spine injury.
  • He also planned to table an early day motion in the House of Commons on the issue.
  • His passion for acting grew as he auditioned for the role of a blind man in motion picture "Love is Blind", a population which he had been working for since he was 16 years old within healthcare and music therapy.
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