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NOUN   a pain diary | pain diaries
pain diary
Schmerztagebuch {n}
diaryKalender {m}
diaryTerminkalender {m}
diaryTagebuch {n}
diaryHausaufgabenheft {n} [Merkheft]
diaryNotizbuch {n}
diaryTaschenkalender {m}
diary form
Tagebuchform {f}
acceptance diaryVerfallbuch {n} für Akzepte
diary notesTagebuchaufzeichnungen {pl}
cash diary
Kassenkladde {f} [bes. nordd.]
diary noteTagebuchaufzeichnung {f}
dream diaryTraumtagebuch {n}
personal diarypersönliches Tagebuch {n}
appointments diaryTerminkalender {m}
homework diary
Hausaufgabenheft {n}
diary entriesTagebucheinträge {pl}
official diary
offizielles Tagebuch {n} [Amtsblatt]
diary entryTagebucheintrag {m}
diary accountsTagebuchaufzeichnungen {pl}
video diaryVideotagebuch {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Guitarist Jin left Pay Money to My Pain in April 2008. The EP "Writing in the Diary" was released on July 30, 2008.
  • The diary ends with a cry of pain and love for Maurice.
  • She wrote in her diary that she had not felt the pain, "the shoulder was just scalded with something hot."
  • "My Lullaby", a song from Mena's diary, expresses her pain from her parents' divorce.
  • the purported author of the diary) is called Kaspar von Schmerzburg ("Schmerz" being the German for pain).

  • A headache diary can be useful in tracking when and where pain occurs, how severe it is, and how long the pain lasts.
  • To help her deal with her pain, she begins keeping a diary; through her writing she finds the strength to hold on for a year.
  • She runs away from home in her first diary. In her third diary, her mother dies, leading Sunny to finally reconcile with her friends.
  • This subtle spiritual diary is one of the author's most personal works".
  • His diary was published in 1919 as "The Journal of a Disappointed Man".

  • In order to keep track of what time of the month the migraines happen it is helpful to use a "headache diary".
  • While in prison Elsie kept a diary on six sheets of brown toilet paper on which she wrote with a blue pencil.
  • Saanvi father apologizes for not trusting his daughter and thanks Karna for the diary which he gave after Saanvi's death.
  • Since then, it has been an evolving diary of her grief and how her loss reshaped how she sees the world.
  • Then, just after the marriage, he read her diary and understood their hearts.

  • While visiting Erland's house she discovers that it was he who sent the diary to her at the theatre; he has had it ever since the day at the hospital when Henrik died from his injuries.
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