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NOUN   a paired cable | paired cables
paired cablepaarverseiltes Kabel {n}
paired cable
Paarkabel {n}
paired {adv}paarweise
paired {adj} {past-p}
paired {adj} {past-p}verbunden [gepaart]
paired {adj}paarig
paired {adj} {past-p}gepaart
paired comparison
Paarvergleich {m}
paired samples
gepaarte Stichproben {pl}
paired fins
paarige Flossen {pl}
well-paired {adj}gut zusammenpassend
paired testicles
paarige Hoden {pl}
paired comparison test
paarweise Vergleichsprüfung {f}
to get paired offverkuppelt werden
paired t test
t-Test {m} für verbundene Stichproben
sb. paired (himself / herself)jd. paarte sich
paired comparison test <PCT>
paarweise Unterschiedsprüfung {f}
list-paired exchange of kidneys
Pool-Überkreuzspende {f}
screened unshielded twisted pair cable <S/UTP cable>
S/UTP-Kabel {n}
foiled shielded twisted pair cable <F/STP cable>
F/STP-Kabel {n}
screened shielded twisted pair cable <S/STP cable>
S/STP-Kabel {n}
pair in metal foil cable <PiMF cable>
PiMF-Kabel {n} [Paar in Metallfolie]
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  • Min was paired with singer Seven in the reality show "Fox's Butler", and hosted the sixth season of cable channel Mnet's "Trend Report Feel" from 2010 to 2011.
  • They added to and extended the functionality of the base motherboard when paired with specialized software that enabled the computer to read the input/output of the devices on the other side of the cable (the peripheral) or to take advantage of chips on the board - as was the case with memory expansion cards.
  • This was paired with a new design for the heel cable, which formerly looped around the entire boot to a lever at the front that provided tension.
  • These airings were paired with a new half-hour soap, "The Catlins", which was one of the few made-for-cable soaps.
  • At the end of the video, everyone leaves the cottage and when the group get out of the cable-car, they are all properly "paired off" with Michael and his new girlfriend looking happy.

  • The solution required tanks to be paired up. One "Maus" would supply electrical power to the crossing vehicle via a cable until it reached the other side.
  • Junction Boxes paired with Cabled Deep and Shallow Profiler Moorings at the slope base site take observations throughout the water column from seafloor to ocean surface.
  • "Psych" premiered on July 7, 2006, following the fifth-season premiere of "Monk", and continued to be paired with the series until "Monk"s conclusion on December 4, 2009.
  • Boniface, and it is paired with a vehicular bridge, the Provencher Bridge.
  • From 1979 to 1986 (with the exception of 1984), Anderson was often paired with Vin Scully and later Jack Buck on CBS Radio's coverage of the World Series.

  • In 1965, the McLendon-Pacific Corporation acquired KAFE and paired it with its existing station, KABL (960 AM, now KNEW).
  • CW1308 has narrow rings of the paired color printed over the base color.
  • Warren was the show's rock music/guitar tutor (aka "our resident rock chick"), claiming that Van Halen was her very favourite band, Chapman held down the educational side of stuff, dealing with struggling schoolchildren whilst Vincent played the role of the show's playworker, paired up with Skylark.
  • The keyboard used a bit-paired layout (similar to that on a teleprinter machine) rather than the typewriter-paired arrangement on DEC's VT100.
  • For four of those years, Emrick was paired with former NHLer and national hockey broadcaster Bill Clement.

  • Phones that are identified with 3G technology can be paired with Internavi using a Bluetooth connection.
  • Each contestant was paired with a professional designer.
  • Boniface; it is paired with a vehicular bridge, the Provencher Bridge.
  • The block took three new programs and paired them with the existing Paramount syndicated series "Star Trek: The Next Generation"; "They Came from Outer Space" and "She-Wolf of London" were paired in prime time Tuesday, while "Shades of L.A."
  • There are two cables, which in shallow water are laid in a paired bundle, and in deep water are laid about [...] apart, generally buried about [...] below the seabed.

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