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pairwise comparison
Paarvergleich {m}
pairwise {adv}paarweise
pairwise disjoint {adj}
paarweise disjunkt
pairwise alignment
paarweise Alinierung {f}
pairwise alignment
paarweises Alignment {n}
pairwise distinct {adj}
paarweise verschieden
Komparation {f}
comparisonAbgleich {m}
comparisonVergleichung {f}
comparisonGleichnis {n}
comparisonGegenüberstellung {f}
Steigerung {f}
comparisonVergleich {m}
comparative (comparison)
erste Steigerung {f} [Komparativ]
comparison operator
Vergleichsoperator {m}
cross-comparisonQuervergleich {m}
surface comparison
Oberflächenvergleich {m}
competitive comparison
Wettbewerbsvergleich {m}
in comparison {adv}vergleichsweise
comparison groupVergleichsgruppe {f}
superlative comparison
superlative Steigerung {f}
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  • Norms involve a pairwise comparison between a cognitive standard and an experiential outcome.
  • Furthermore, his 1929 work on ranking chess players is the first description of a model for pairwise comparison that continues to have a profound impact on various applied fields utilizing this method.
  • The Genome Comparison Project performs a complete pairwise comparison between all predicted protein sequences, obtaining indices used (together with standardized Gene Ontology) as a reference repository for the annotator community.
  • The Kemeny–Young method is a voting system that uses preferential ballots and pairwise comparison counts to identify the most popular choices in an election.
  • The diversity is defined as the total number of differences in all pairwise comparison between haplotypes.

  • Duncan's Bayesian MCP discusses the differences between ordered group means, where the statistics in question are pairwise comparison (no equivalent is defined for the property of a subset having 'significantly different' property).
  • In modern-day terminology, it is more aptly described as a model that is used to obtain measurements from any process of pairwise comparison.
  • The region of highest genetic difference is within the capsid protein CP2, with pairwise comparison of nucleotide showing a 0 to 3.5% difference amongst isolates.
  • In other words, in a pairwise comparison, each candidate in the path will beat the following candidate.
  • A Double Thompson Sampling (D-TS) algorithm has been proposed for dueling bandits, a variant of traditional MAB, where feedback comes in the form of pairwise comparison.

  • Yet through the method of pairwise comparison, the AHP gives the Jones family a way to evaluate the "style" of the cars they are considering.
  • The lower-case "d" described above is the difference between these two numbers—the average number of polymorphisms found in pairwise comparison (2) and M. Thus [...].
  • The Bradley–Terry–Luce (BTL) model is often applied to pairwise comparison data to scale preferences.
  • Pairwise-comparison dominance, denoted [...] , means that the probability that that [...] yields a better outcome than [...] is larger than the other way around: [...]. For example, [...].
  • The main features of PriEsT include: supporting Pairwise comparison method with any scale for ratio-based judgements; providing widely used measures for inconsistency in judgements; offers several non-dominated solutions with the help of Evolutionary Multi-objective optimization; implements all the widely used prioritization methods for research purpose; graphical and Equalizer views for the pairwise comparison judgements; exporting problems into an XML data file; platform-independent Java-based Tool (runs on Linux, Android and Windows).

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