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pairwise disjoint {adj}
paarweise disjunkt
pairwise {adv}paarweise
pairwise alignment
paarweise Alinierung {f}
pairwise alignment
paarweises Alignment {n}
pairwise comparison
Paarvergleich {m}
pairwise distinct {adj}
paarweise verschieden
disjoint {adj}
to disjointzerlegen
to disjointzertrennen
disjoint set
disjunkte Menge {f}
disjoint {adj} [sets]
durchschnittsfremd [Mengen]
disjoint {adj} [sets]
elementfremd [Mengen]
disjoint union
disjunkte Vereinigung {f}
node-disjoint {adj}
edge-disjoint {adj}
disjoint union topology
Summentopologie {f}
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  • It is vacuously true that all of the subsets in this family are non-empty subsets of the empty set and that they are pairwise disjoint subsets of the empty set, because there are no subsets to have these unlikely properties.
  • Likewise, the species "P" can be characterised as "P" = "E"("E"+): "a partition is a pairwise disjoint set of nonempty sets (using up all the elements of the input set)".
  • , there is a pairwise disjoint family of open sets with each point of the discrete subset contained in exactly one of the open sets.
  • Moreover, the elements of "P" are pairwise disjoint and their union is "X".
  • If a continuum is indecomposable, then its composants are pairwise disjoint.

  • A pair of pants is any surface that is homeomorphic to a sphere with three holes, which formally is the result of removing from the sphere three open disks with pairwise disjoint closures.
  • Then, the set packing problem asks if some "k" subsets in the list are pairwise disjoint (in other words, no two of them share an element).
  • every pairwise disjoint collection of non-empty open subsets of "X" is countable.
  • In the case where "P" is ordered by inclusion, and closed under subsets, but does not contain the empty set, this is simply a family of pairwise disjoint sets.
  • A Helly family is a system of sets within which the only subfamilies with empty intersections are the ones that are pairwise disjoint.

  • The space "Q" of quantum propositions is also sequentially complete: any pairwise disjoint sequence{"V'i"}"i" of elements of "Q" has a least upper bound.
  • Obviously those balls are pairwise disjoint, and also are an indexed family of sets whose index set is [...].
  • Because the Lebesgue measure of the uncountably infinite Cantor set is 0, for any positive "ε" < 1 and "δ", there exists a finite sequence of pairwise disjoint sub-intervals with total length < "δ" over which the Cantor function cumulatively rises more than "ε".
  • The addition principle can be extended to several sets. If [...] are pairwise disjoint sets, then we have: [...] This statement can be proven from the addition principle by induction on "n".
  • are stochastically independent for every selection of pairwise disjoint measurable sets [...] and every [...].

  • Specifically, equinumerosity is compatible with disjoint unions: Given four sets "A", "B", "C" and "D" with "A" and "C" on the one hand and "B" and "D" on the other hand pairwise disjoint and with [...] and [...] then [...] This is used to justify the definition of cardinal addition.
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