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ADJ   pairwise | more pairwise | most pairwise
pairwise {adv}paarweise
pairwise disjoint {adj}
paarweise disjunkt
pairwise distinct {adj}
paarweise verschieden
pairwise alignment
paarweises Alignment {n}
pairwise alignment
paarweise Alinierung {f}
pairwise comparison
Paarvergleich {m}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The pairwise distance between all particles in the cell and in one of the neighbouring cells is computed.
  • Duncan modeled the consequences of two or more means being equal using additive loss functions within and across the pairwise comparisons.
  • Once the hierarchy has been constructed, the participants analyze it through a series of pairwise comparisons that derive numerical scales of measurement for the nodes.
  • The basis of most methods such as analytic hierarchy process and analytic network process is pairwise comparison matrix.
  • Result: B now has two pairwise defeats. A still has two pairwise wins, one tie, and no defeats. Thus, A is elected Copeland winner.

  • Trachtenberg defined this algorithm with a kind of pairwise multiplication where two digits are multiplied by one digit, essentially only keeping the middle digit of the result.
  • Vote splitting rarely occurs when the chosen electoral system uses ranked ballots and a pairwise-counting method, such as a Condorcet method.
  • To handle overly large datasets, FSA is able to divide the work of running all necessary pairwise comparisons and alignments to different processors.
  • Pairwise contacts are very conserved in protein structure and crucial for prediction accuracy.
  • In summary, this generalized Chinese remainder theorem is the equivalence between giving pairwise coprime two-sided ideals with a zero intersection, and giving central and pairwise orthogonal idempotents that sum to [...].

  • Minimax selects as the winner the candidate whose greatest pairwise defeat is smaller than the greatest pairwise defeat of any other candidate: or, put another way, "the only candidate whose support never drops below [...] percent" in any pairwise contest.
  • In mathematics and particularly in topology, pairwise Stone space is a bitopological space [...] which is pairwise compact, pairwise Hausdorff, and pairwise zero-dimensional.
  • The finite intersection property is "strictly stronger" than pairwise intersection; the family [...] has pairwise intersections, but not the FIP.
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