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NOUN   a partner in life | partners in life
partner in lifeLebensgefährte {m}
partner in life [female]Lebensgefährtin {f}
life partnerLebensgefährte {m}
life partnerLebenspartner {m}
partner for life [female]Lebensgefährtin {f}
partner in crimeMitbeteiligter {m} an einem Verbrechen
partner in defaultzahlungs­unfähiger Partner {m}
to partner sb. in sth.(mit jdm.) etw. gemeinsam tun
partner in a firmGesellschafter {m}
partner in crime [coll.]Spießgeselle {m} [pej. oder hum.]
live-in partner [female]Lebensgefährtin {f}
to take in a new partnereinen neuen Teilhaber hereinnehmen
coalition partner in the government
Regierungs­partner {m} [Koalitionspartner]
partner in crime [coll.] [often hum.] [idiom]Komplize {m}
partner in crime [coll.] [often hum.] [female]Spießgesellin {f} [pej. oder hum.]
partner in crime [female] [coll.] [often hum.] [idiom]Komplizin {f}
in life {adv}zu Lebzeiten
late in life {adv}in fortgeschrittenem Alter
in everyday life {adv}im Alltag
in true life {adv}im wirklichen Leben
mission in lifeLebensaufgabe {f}
aim in lifeLebensziel {n}
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • In 2001 it was reissued by Headcase with two bonus tracks, "Picking up the Pieces" and "Some People". It was produced by Steve Hillage and features his partner in life Miquette Giraudy on keyboards.
  • The title suggests the love of the main male character to three women he loves: his mother, his older sister and future partner-in-life.
  • Douglas Romayne and his partner in life and business, KJ Vickery, co-own Bleu Jean Music and Back Pocket, their professional music production studio.
  • Palani's partner in life was Rajammal (who along with her sister constituted a popular singing duo called 'Kolar Sisters' in her younger days).
  • Roerich's essay "The University": "I met Lada, my partner in life and inspirer, at Bologoye, at Prince P.A.

  • In 1989, she formed Mitchell and Stout Architects Ltd with partner in life and work, architect David Mitchell.
  • Her partner in life is singer Adrian Eagle. Kaiit is non-binary, and uses she/her, he/him, and they/them pronouns.
  • Conolan's long-time partner in life and TLC for Kids is Ana Darras.
  • After college, Elizabeth throws a phrase that if after 10 years neither of them finds a partner in life, they will marry.
  • It was through the game that he loved that he found his partner in life Fathimath Rishma.

  • Here he met Claire Halasz, his future partner in life and in business, when he hired her to decorate his machine shop.
  • In 1930, Uzelac met Rosemarie da la Rayere, who was to become his permanent model and partner in life.
  • He married his first cousin, Doña Julita Eulalia Ocampo, who would become his indispensable partner in life and particularly in his contributions to Philippine literature in Spanish.
  • Scavullo was survived by his partner in life and art, Sean Byrnes.
  • His parents are Luis Alberto Kouri Hanna and de Jenny Bumachar Farah. He is the father of 3 children with his partner in life is Andrea Llona Barreda.

  • During her stay in the Fleet Prison in the late 1750s, she met Dennis O'Kelly, who became her partner in life as well as in business.
  • From the beginning of their practice Kas Oosterhuis worked closely together with his partner in life and business visual artist Ilona Lénárd, their artistic and architectural DNA strings would regularly interlace in joint projects.
  • Allenna Leonard was Stafford Beer’s partner in life and in work from 1981 until his death in 2002.
  • London's partner in life and work for his last ten years was Tim Healey; they had a commitment ceremony in 1988.
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