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NOUN   a partner | partners
VERB   to partner | partnered | partnered
partnering | partners
SYNO better half | collaborator | cooperator | ...
partnerPartner {m}
partner [female]Partnerin {f}
partnerTeilhaber {m}
partnerGesellschafter {m}
partnerGeschäftspartner {m}
partner [business associate]
Kompagnon {m}
partnerMitunternehmer {m}
partnerBeteiligter {m}
partnerTeilnehmer {m}
partnerCompagnon {m} <Co.> [Mitinhaber]
ungeprüft partner [at ball]Herrenbegleitung {f} [geh.] [Ballpartner]
partner [female]Teilhaberin {f}
partner [female]Teilnehmerin {f}
ungeprüft partner [female] [at ball]Damenbegleitung {f} [geh.] [Ballpartnerin]
ungeprüft partner [romantic/ sexual relationship] Herzmensch {m} [nicht-binär statt Partnerin/ Partner]
2 Wörter: Andere
partner-like {adj}partnerschaftlich
2 Wörter: Verben
to partner sb. in sth.(mit jdm.) etw. gemeinsam tun
to partner withsich zusammentun mit
to partner with sb.sich mit jdm. zusammenschließen
to partner with sb. sichAkk. mit jdm. zusammentun [zusammenschließen]
2 Wörter: Substantive
(dancing) partnerTänzer {m} [Tanzpartner]
acting partnertätiger Teilhaber {m}
acting partnertätiger Gesellschafter {m}
acting partnergeschäftsführender Partner {m}
acting partnergeschäftsführender Teilhaber {m}
acting partnergeschäftsführender Gesellschafter {m}
acting partner [female]tätige Teilhaberin {f}
acting partner [female]geschäftsführende Teilhaberin {f}
active partneraktiver Teilhaber {m}
active partneraktiver Gesellschafter {m}
active partnertätiger Gesellschafter {m}
active partner [female]aktive Teilhaberin {f}
advertising partner
Werbepartner {m}
advertising partner [female]
Werbepartnerin {f}
alliance partnerAllianzpartner {m}
alliance partnerBündnispartner {m}
beta partnerBetapartner {m}
beta partnerBeta-Partner {m} [Rsv.]
binding partner
Bindungs­partner {m}
birth partnerGeburtspartner {m}
business partnerGeschäftspartner {m}
business partner
Wirtschaftspartner {m}
calling partner
anrufender Teilnehmer {m}
chief partnerHauptgesellschafter {m}
co-partnerTeilhaber {m}
co-partnerMitinhaber {m}
co-partnerMitgesellschafter {m}
co-partner [female]Teilhaberin {f}
coalition partner
Koalitionär {m}
coalition partner
Koalitionspartner {m}
cohabitation partnerLebenspartner {m}
collision partner [atomic physics]
Stoßpartner {m} [Atomphysik]
communication partner
Kommunikationspartner {m}
communication partner [female]Kommunikationspartnerin {f}
consortium partner
Konsortialpartner {m}
contact partnerAnsprechpartner {m}
contracting partnervertragschließender Partner {m}
contracting partner vertragsschließender Partner {m} [seltener] [vertragschließender Partner]
contractual partnerVertragspartner {m}
conversational partnerGesprächspartner {m}
cooperation partnerKooperationspartner {m}
covenant partner [also: covenant-partner]
Bundesgenosse {m}
dancing partner
Tanzpartner {m}
dancing partner [female]Tanzpartnerin {f}
deceased partnerverstorbener Gesellschafter {m}
deceived partnerhintergangener Partner {m}
dialog partner [Am.]Gesprächspartner {m}
dialogue partnerGesprächspartner {m}
dining partnerTischgenosse {m}
dinner partnerTischherr {m}
dinner partner [female]Tischdame {f}
discussion partnerGesprächspartner {m}
discussion partnerDiskussionspartner {m}
discussion partner [female]Diskussionspartnerin {f}
distribution partner
Vertriebspartner {m}
distribution partner
Distributionspartner {m}
domestic partnerLebenspartner {m}
domestic partnerLebensgefährte {m}
domestic partner [female]Lebenspartnerin {f}
domestic partner [female]Lebensgefährtin {f}
dormant partnerstiller Teilhaber {m}
dormant partnerstiller Gesellschafter {m}
dormant partner [female]stille Teilhaberin {f}
doubles partner [female] [tennis, badminton]
Doppelpartnerin {f}
doubles partner [tennis, badminton]
Doppelpartner {m}
dream partnerTraumpartner {m}
duet partner
Duettpartner {m}
duet partner [female]
Duettpartnerin {f}
eager partnereifriger Partner {m}
equal partner
gleichwertiger Partner {m}
euro partner
Europartner {m}
ex-partnerEx-Partner {m}
exchange partner
Austauschpartner {m}
exchange partner
Tauschpartner {m}
executive partnergeschäftsführender Gesellschafter {m}
female partnerPartnerin {f}
former partnerausgeschiedener Gesellschafter {m}
full partnervoll haftender Teilhaber {m}
full partnervoll haftender Gesellschafter {m}
game partnerSpielpartner {m}
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Übersetzung für 'partner' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Partner {m}

Teilhaber {m}

Gesellschafter {m}

Geschäftspartner {m}

Mitunternehmer {m}

Beteiligter {m}

Teilnehmer {m}

Compagnon {m} <Co.> [Mitinhaber]
partner [female]
Partnerin {f}

Teilhaberin {f}

Teilnehmerin {f}
partner [business associate]
Kompagnon {m}econ.
partner [at ball]
ungeprüft Herrenbegleitung {f} [geh.] [Ballpartner]
partner [female] [at ball]
ungeprüft Damenbegleitung {f} [geh.] [Ballpartnerin]
partner [romantic/ sexual relationship]
ungeprüft Herzmensch {m} [nicht-binär statt Partnerin/ Partner]

partner-like {adj}

to partner sb. in sth.
(mit jdm.) etw. gemeinsam tun
to partner with
sich zusammentun mit
to partner with sb.
sich mit jdm. zusammenschließen

sichAkk. mit jdm. zusammentun [zusammenschließen]

(dancing) partner
Tänzer {m} [Tanzpartner]
acting partner
tätiger Teilhaber {m}

tätiger Gesellschafter {m}

geschäftsführender Partner {m}

geschäftsführender Teilhaber {m}

geschäftsführender Gesellschafter {m}
acting partner [female]
tätige Teilhaberin {f}

geschäftsführende Teilhaberin {f}
active partner
aktiver Teilhaber {m}

aktiver Gesellschafter {m}

tätiger Gesellschafter {m}
active partner [female]
aktive Teilhaberin {f}
advertising partner
Werbepartner {m}comm.market.
advertising partner [female]
Werbepartnerin {f}market.
alliance partner
Allianzpartner {m}

Bündnispartner {m}
beta partner
Betapartner {m}

Beta-Partner {m} [Rsv.]
binding partner
Bindungs­partner {m}biochem.
birth partner
Geburtspartner {m}
business partner
Geschäftspartner {m}

Wirtschaftspartner {m}econ.
calling partner
anrufender Teilnehmer {m}telecom.
chief partner
Hauptgesellschafter {m}
Teilhaber {m}

Mitinhaber {m}

Mitgesellschafter {m}
co-partner [female]
Teilhaberin {f}
coalition partner
Koalitionär {m}pol.

Koalitionspartner {m}pol.
cohabitation partner
Lebenspartner {m}
collision partner [atomic physics]
Stoßpartner {m} [Atomphysik]phys.
communication partner
Kommunikationspartner {m}philos.
communication partner [female]
Kommunikationspartnerin {f}
consortium partner
Konsortialpartner {m}econ.
contact partner
Ansprechpartner {m}
contracting partner
vertragschließender Partner {m}

vertragsschließender Partner {m} [seltener] [vertragschließender Partner]
contractual partner
Vertragspartner {m}
conversational partner
Gesprächspartner {m}
cooperation partner
Kooperationspartner {m}
covenant partner [also: covenant-partner]
Bundesgenosse {m}bibl.relig.
dancing partner
Tanzpartner {m}dance
dancing partner [female]
Tanzpartnerin {f}
deceased partner
verstorbener Gesellschafter {m}
deceived partner
hintergangener Partner {m}
dialog partner [Am.]
Gesprächspartner {m}
dialogue partner
Gesprächspartner {m}
dining partner
Tischgenosse {m}
dinner partner
Tischherr {m}
dinner partner [female]
Tischdame {f}
discussion partner
Gesprächspartner {m}

Diskussionspartner {m}
discussion partner [female]
Diskussionspartnerin {f}
distribution partner
Vertriebspartner {m}comm.

Distributionspartner {m}comm.
domestic partner
Lebenspartner {m}

Lebensgefährte {m}
domestic partner [female]
Lebenspartnerin {f}

Lebensgefährtin {f}
dormant partner
stiller Teilhaber {m}

stiller Gesellschafter {m}
dormant partner [female]
stille Teilhaberin {f}
doubles partner [female] [tennis, badminton]
Doppelpartnerin {f}sports
doubles partner [tennis, badminton]
Doppelpartner {m}sports
dream partner
Traumpartner {m}
duet partner
Duettpartner {m}mus.
duet partner [female]
Duettpartnerin {f}mus.
eager partner
eifriger Partner {m}
equal partner
gleichwertiger Partner {m}law
euro partner
Europartner {m}EU
Ex-Partner {m}
exchange partner
Austauschpartner {m}educ.

Tauschpartner {m}comm.
executive partner
geschäftsführender Gesellschafter {m}
female partner
Partnerin {f}
former partner
ausgeschiedener Gesellschafter {m}
full partner
voll haftender Teilhaber {m}

voll haftender Gesellschafter {m}
game partner
Spielpartner {m}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Assume that Partner A and Partner B admit Partner C as a new partner, when Partner A and Partner B have capital interests $30,000 and $20,000, respectively.
  • One partner gives the instruction to the other and listens intently without any response.
  • A metamour is someone who is a polyamorous partner's partner, that they have no romantic relationship with. This can be their partner's other girlfriend or boyfriend or their partner's spouse.
  • Point on partner: When a partner steals their own partner's deal successfully, in addition to retaining the deal, the team is also awarded one point.
  • Designers at NBBJ include: Steve McConnell (appointed managing partner in 2014), Jonathan Ward (partner), Joan Saba, Robert Mankin (partner), Ryan Mullenix (partner), and Tim Johnson (partner).
  • A step taken forward into the space occupied by the partner, while the partner steps backwards. During this step feet tracks of both partners overlap. See also outside partner step.
  • This move sees one wrestler grab their partner's body while the partner is wrapping their legs around the opponent's neck. Then the partner swings and executes a headscissors takedown.
  • Christopher Parker's original partner Hanna Karttunen did not dance with him as she had left the show before this tour.
  • Here, the only maxsum allocation is giving room 1 to partner 1 and room 2 to partner 2. In order to make sure partner 2 does not envy, partner 1 must pay 115 and partner 2 must pay -15.
  • After the Great War, Émile Odier, (partner from 1890), Albert Lombard (partner from 1908), Albert's first cousin Jean Lombard (partner from 1913), and Émile's son Edmond Odier (partner from 1919) took over the management of the bank.
  • Partner: Partner means any person who becomes a partner in the LLP in accordance with the LLP agreement.
  • There are many more accomplishments from other skaters, such as Jamie Silverstein and partner Ryan O'Meara, Zhang Dan and partner Zhang Hao, Kendra Moyle and partner Steven Pottenger.
  • The company is a regional reseller and integration partner to technology companies in the IT, network and telecommunications sector: Cisco Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Aastra Training Provider.
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