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SYNO apparently | evidently | manifestly | ...
patently {adv}offensichtlich
patently {adv}offenkundig
patently {adv}schlicht (und einfach) [offensichtlich]
patently obvious {adj}völlig offensichtlich
I would have thought that was patently obvious.Ich würde meinen, das liegt doch auf der Hand.
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  • Worthington attributed his continued detention by US forces to "patently false" denunciations from other captives.
  • Frank's radio programs are often dark and ironic and employ a dry sense of humor and the sincere delivery of ideas or stories that are patently absurd.
  • The leaf margin is never completely entire, but varies from obscurely to patently dentate.
  • The garnishment orders were eventually lifted by Malacañang Palace, but not until after Binay slammed the move as politically motivated and patently illegal.
  • This challenge was a patently alien idea, discarding core Zoroastrian tenets in favor of the position that the spiritual world – including heaven and hell, reward and punishment – did not exist.

  • It also stated that the snooping was patently illegal.
  • mariana" by having a calyx with the sepals ordinarily more-or-less recurved towards the corolla, sometimes arranged patently, and the corolla tube gradually tightening towards its base.
  • In 2022, Stevens fell asleep in his office and failed to turn up to vote on the Religious Discrimination Bill. He denied claims that he had soiled himself as something that "patently did not happen".
  • She also has a friend who likes telling her about her experiences with celebrities, which are patently lies.
  • What at first seemed patently predictable is anything but.

  • They catch him in the act, but she patently denies the photographic evidence.
  • Brutally elemental and patently obnoxious".
  • The Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal decision, finding that the minister's failure to consider appointees' expertise in labour relations was patently unreasonable.
  • During the October trial, Leon County circuit judge Jackie Fulford stated that she found Norman's explanation that he knew nothing about the house, "patently absurd," and ordered him off the ballot.
  • The Condors, owner Jonathan Fleisig, as well as the individual coaches, maintained that the claims of Bailey were patently false and unfounded.

  • St Clement's is an early example of the Anglo-Norman or Romanesque Revival style, although Pevsner describes it as "patently Georgian Norman".
  • Jeff Corbett of "The Newcastle Herald" defended "have a nice day" despite his characterization of the phrase as "wincingly American and so patently false in its sing-song delivery" by cashiers.
  • According to the credited screenwriter, Frederica Sagor, "Dance Madness" was "patently a rewrite" of "The Guardsman", a work by Ferenc Molnár that was later directly adapted for film.
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