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VERB   to perch | perched | perched
perching | perches
perching height [roosting height]
Sitzhöhe {f} [Höhe des Aufenthaltsortes]
perching knifeSchlichtmond {m} [Lederherstellung]
perching ducks [Cairinini]
Baumenten {pl}
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  • This is common in songbirds and other perching birds, as well as hunting birds like eagles, hawks, and falcons.
  • In birds with anisodactyl or heterodactyl feet, the hallux is opposed or directed backwards and allows for grasping and perching.
  • The slaty-winged foliage-gleaner ("Philydor fuscipenne") is a perching bird species in the ovenbird family (Furnariidae).
  • The montane woodcreeper ("Lepidocolaptes lacrymiger") is a perching bird species in the subfamily Dendrocolaptinae of the ovenbird family (Furnariidae).
  • The two member of this genus are elongated, upright-perching flycatchers that share similar tail patterns. They are found at high-altitudes.

  • While the "Epidendrosaurus" specimen does not preserve a reversed hallux, the backward-facing toe seen in modern perching birds, its foot was very similar in construction to more primitive perching birds like "Cathayornis" and "Longipteryx".
  • Males begin their mating calls by perching above ground level.
  • Unlike other cormorants, this bird can often be seen perching on wires.
  • Sometimes known as perching birds, passerines are distinguished from other orders of birds by the arrangement of their toes (three pointing forward and one back), which facilitates perching.
  • Passeriformes is the taxonomic order to which the perching birds belong.

  • Males showed increased wing buzzing during each perching session on a tree when they were more active during the day and when ambient temperature was higher.
  • Later, it was assigned to the "perching ducks", a paraphyletic assemblage of waterfowl most of which are intermediate between dabbling ducks and shelducks.
  • Adults have been found perching on leaves of ferns and herbs in coniferous woods during daytime.
  • Long toes of equal length and large curved claws suggest adaptability for perching.
  • Unlike modern tinamous, at least "Lithornis" has toe claws and reversed halluxes that allow for efficient perching.

  • Puerto Rican todies are rarely seen on the ground; they usually prefer perching, unless when nesting.
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