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perchloric acid [HClO4]
Perchlorsäure {f}
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Übersetzung für 'perchloric' von Englisch nach Deutsch

perchloric acid [HClO4]
Perchlorsäure {f}chem.
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  • An experimental iodine clock sequence has also been established for a system consisting of iodine potassium-iodide, sodium chlorate and perchloric acid that takes place through the following reactions.
  • Dichlorine heptoxide is a strongly acidic oxide, and in solution it forms an equilibrium with perchloric acid.
  • Given its strong oxidizing properties, perchloric acid is subject to extensive regulations as it can react violently with metals and flammable substances such as wood, plastics, and oils.
  • The explosion was caused by the improper handling of perchloric acid, which the plant was using as an experimental method for polishing aluminum.
  • When rubidium perchloratoborate is reacted with extra perchloric acid, it forms RbBO(ClO4)2.
  • Examples of strong acids are hydrochloric acid , perchloric acid , nitric acid and sulfuric acid .
  • and by the reaction of perchloric acid with potassium hydroxide; however, this is not used widely due to the dangers of perchloric acid.
  • , perchloric acid [...] , potassium perchlorate [...] and sodium perchlorate [...].
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