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piled high with sth. {adj} [postpos.]turmhoch mit etw.Dat. beladen
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Übersetzung für 'piled high with sth' von Englisch nach Deutsch

piled high with sth. {adj} [postpos.]
turmhoch mit etw.Dat. beladen
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The general store has been put to rights and is piled high with canned goods, selling at exorbitant prices.
  • While the flood passed rather quickly on the night of June 16, the floodwaters were piled high with debris such as house trailers, lumber and large butane storage tanks.
  • Figures with their arms upraised in praise were painted around the false door accompanied by tables piled high with offerings.
  • An area where some remains may be covered is near the edge where the earth is piled high with little undergrowth.
  • The fences were piled high with sand, inside and out and it looked as if the intended railway lines would just be buried every dusty day, which was every windy day".
  • Postcards from the era show long lines of horse- and mule-drawn wagons piled high with tobacco, waiting their turn to unload for shipment downriver.
  • For Kashmiri Pandits, the "prasad" offering at Shivratri puja is a charger piled high with rice, cooked lamb and fish, and a luscious raw fish in its entirety atop the pile.
  • Dorsey recorded that many beaches were "piled high with drift, often to a height of sixty feet or more."
  • To restore passenger confidence, a flatcar piled high with protective cotton bales was placed between the locomotive and its passenger cars.
  • With her repairs complete, "I-185" departed Kure on 11 June 1944 on a supply run to Wewak, New Guinea, her decks piled high with drums of rice intended for Japanese forces fighting in the New Guinea campaign.
  • A car was hired to help her in 1920, but she still was often needed due to the poor roads, which were piled high with snow in the winter.
  • The next day on Mha Puja, a feast known as Thāybhu, which consists of an immense plate piled high with various food items, is offered to the Goddess.
  • A fire department lieutenant agreed to sign off on the tavern's grand opening, despite the loose electrical wiring hanging from rafters and a basement piled high with trash against regulations.
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