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SYNO genus Pimpinella | Pimpinella
pimpinella [genus Pimpinella]
Pimpinelle {f} [ugs.] [Bibernelle]
pimpinella [genus Pimpinella]
Pimpernelle {f} [ugs.] [Bibernelle]
black pimpinella [Pimpinella nigra]
Schwarze Bibernelle {f}
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  • which refers to the many thorny plants including the pimpinella, and the other meaning herbaceous plants whose fruits, when ripe, turn into prickly burrs that stick to the animals' skins and wool or people's clothes as a way of propagation.
  • "Spuriopimpinella brachycarpa" (Nakai) Kitag. (known formerly as "Pimpinella brachycarpa)" (common names chamnamul is a species in the genus "Spuriopimpinella" (family Apiaceae).
  • "Epermenia pimpinella" is a moth in the family Epermeniidae.
  • Ammiol is a furanochromone that can be found in "Pimpinella monoica".
  • Amongst the other plants that occur here are the Burnet Saxifrage ("Pimpinella saxifraga"), Large Self-heal ("Prunella grandiflora"), Fringed Gentian ("Gentianopsis ciliata"), Sickle hare's ear ("Bupleurum falcatum") and Stemless carline thistle ("Carlina acaulis").

  • The larvae feed on "Pimpinella saxifraga" and "Pimpinella major". They live in a silken spinning.
  • The larvae mainly feed on "Pimpinella saxifraga" and "Pimpinella major", but also other Apiaceae species.
  • Some chemical derivatives of furanochromone show strong interaction with DNA. Furanochromones can be produced in callus cultures of "Ammi visnaga" or in "Pimpinella monoica".
  • The larvae feed on "Pimpinella saxifraga", "Daucus carota", and "Sium latifolium".
  • The stipulation of the sixth match was that if Pimpinella Escarlata's team won he would get a spot in "Los Wagnermaniacos", if his team lost he had to stop trying to join.

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