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NOUN   a pin designation | pin designations
pin designationAnschlussbezeichnung {f}
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pin designation
Anschlussbezeichnung {f}
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  • The PTO designation is displayed on a pin worn above the officer's name tag.
  • Each "Adaptaplug" had a single-letter code, but did not provide any other official designation, nor did RadioShack publish the complete specifications and tolerances on barrel and pin dimensions.
  • A lowercase "q" at the end of the designation indicates that it is a quad-pin base, with two bi-pin pairs.
  • 12N is the designation for the older 7-pin lighting socket conforming to ISO 1724, used when towing just a trailer or caravan (without the need for charge or fridge functions).
  • The 6AQ5 (Mullard–Philips tube designation EL90) is a miniature 7-pin (B7G) audio power output beam tetrode vacuum tube with ratings virtually identical to the 6V6 at 250 V.
  • The series II designation indicates that the pistol has an internal firing pin block that is disengaged by depressing the grip safety.
  • The Chinese 6N4 (whose military issued variant is known by the designation 6N4-J) which is a pin-compatible replacement for the 12AX7 but has an amplification factor of 97.5 is the closest equivalent to the 6N2P.
  • 12AT7 (also known in Europe by the Mullard–Philips tube designation of ECC81) is a miniature 9-pin medium-gain (60) dual-triode vacuum tube popular in guitar amplifiers.
  • It was an upgrade to Intel's first standard 169-pin pin grid array (PGA) socket and the first with an official designation.
  • Field Training Officer / FTO - (FTO Designation pin displayed above name plate on front of uniform) - FTO's are responsible for the training and evaluation of probationary deputies / corrections officers, undergoing the field training program.
  • In absence of a pin 1 designation on the header, if a designation is missing from the header, the PCB may have a marking indicating orientation (historically, the solder pad around the hole of pin 1 of a THD header is often square rather than round).
  • The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) publishes a web microsite "World Plugs" Not all plugs are included in the letter system; for example, there is no designation for the plugs defined by the Thai National Standard "TIS 116-2549", though some web sites refer to the three-pin plug described in that standard as "Type O".
  • 30-'06 Garand rifle (essentially an enlarged T3E2) was quickly built and, under the confusing designation T1E1, was tested along with the T3E2 and the Pedersen T1E3 during the remainder of 1931.
  • 12AU7 is also known in Europe under its Mullard–Philips tube designation ECC82.
  • The earthed IEC 60906-1 plug (IEC designation "Type N") looks similar to the Swiss SN 441011 type 12 plug (IEC designation "Type J") designed in 1937.
  • Officers who are separated from the SWO community are known as "SWO non-attains" and this designation is entered into the officer's permanent military record.
  • The full designation of the card is K9-22, which is a dog vs.
  • Furthermore, while the design of the subject connector was inspired by and based on SAE Standards, the connector itself has no official SAE designation.
  • Since that time the gunner designation has undergone many changes, including periods where no new gunners were made from 1943 to 1956, 1959 to 1964, and 1974 to 1988.
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