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NOUN   a plummet | plummets
VERB   to plummet | plummeted / plummetted | plummeted / plummetted
plummeting / plummetting | plummets
SYNO plumb | plumb bob | plummet | ...
to plummetabstürzen
to plummetstürzen [abstürzen, auch Kurse etc.]
to plummetabsinken
to plummet [prices][stark] fallen [fig.]
to plummet [plane, bird]sacken
to plummetherunterdonnern
to plummet [plunge]donnern [ugs.] [hinunterdonnern, stürzen]
to plummetungebremst fallen
to plummetstark zurückgehen
to plummet [prices](stark) sinken
Sturz {m}
plummetSturzflug {m}
plummetBlei {n}
plummetSenkblei {n}
plummetLot {n}
plummetBleigewicht {n}
Senkwaage {f}
plummetSenker {m}
2 Wörter
optical plummetoptisches Lot {n}
plummet level
Bleiwaage {f}
5+ Wörter
The mood will plummet further.
Die Stimmung wird noch weiter sinken.
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • It is also featured in "SWAT" and it is seen taking a nosedive plummet from a mountain as the cataclysmic events of December 21, 2012, unfold in 2012.
  • Pompeii Pete – Stupe De Jour: After firing his assistant from his cookery show, Dan gets a replacement in Pete, who might cause his ratings to plummet.
  • In classical ballet, aplomb (...) refers to an unwavering stability maintained during a vertical pose or movement. The word is of French origin, coming from "à plomb", "according to the plummet".
  • One of the most obvious risk is economic risk, where the economy could go bad at any given moment, causing stock prices to plummet.
  • There's a scream as you plummet away.
  • When he was three, Barker witnessed the French skydiver Léo Valentin plummet to his death during a performance at an air show in Liverpool. He later alluded to Valentin in many of his stories.
  • Some modern total stations have an integral laser plummet built in.
  • Dairy subsidies continued, but competition between cheese makers was reintroduced, causing prices to plummet.
  • By April 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had caused global air travel numbers to plummet, as airlines cut up to 95% of their trips, dwarfing the impact of the "flygskam" movement.
  • In early 2020, American airports saw their passenger numbers plummet due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.
  • A plummet amulet is an amulet created by Ancient Egyptians in the shape of a plumb bob or plummet.
  • Roof tilers plummet down and break in two.
  • Claudia Panseri, head of equity strategy at Société Générale, speculated in late May 2012 that eurozone stocks could plummet up to 50 percent in value if Greece makes a disorderly exit from the eurozone.
  • The TFL administration had also been lax in their financial control of the competition and by 1992 it was servicing a debt of $300,000 and growing as crowd numbers continued to plummet.
  • Soundings of this type were usually taken using leads that had a wad of tallow in a concavity at the bottom of the plummet.
  • The cause of the sudden plummet in 2020 numbers is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • On the other hand, temperatures can plummet to [...] and can plummet in Bsharri mountain to [...] on some occasions during the winter.
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