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SYNO pneumonic | pulmonary | pulmonic
pneumonic {adj}
pneumonic consolidation
Lungenverdichtung {f}
pneumonic plague
Lungenpest {f}
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  • An epidemic of pneumonic plague occurred in surrounding Manchuria from 1910 to 1911, known as the Manchurian plague.
  • Plague is present among rodents in Africa, the Americas, and Asia. Pneumonic plague is more serious and less common than bubonic plague.
  • The most common form is bubonic plague, followed by septicemic and pneumonic plague.
  • Pneumonia caused by "Yersinia pestis" is usually called pneumonic plague.
  • He died at Tonbridge, Kent, England on 11 March 1919 due to pneumonic influenza.

  • José Alvalade died at the age of 33, on 19 October 1918, a victim of the pneumonic epidemic.
  • Cats are known to transmit plague. Plague can take three forms: bubonic plague, primary septicemic plague, and primary pneumonic plague.
  • He died of "pneumonic influenza" at Stockton, New South Wales on 15 June 1919.
  • Further assessment is required for diseases that are prone to becoming pandemics, including, but not limited to cholera, pneumonic plague, yellow fever, and viral hemorrhagic fevers.
  • Therefore, no bacterial test was conducted to correctly identify the pathogen as "Yersinia pestis", the causative agent of the pneumonic plague.

  • Antibiotics may be used in dealing with airborne bacterial primary infections, such as pneumonic plague.
  • He died on 23 July 1982 from pneumonic edema and was buried at the Third Cemetery in Nikaia north of Piraeus and west of Athens.
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