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polar research
Polarforschung {f}
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Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Alfred-Wegener-Institut {n} für Polar- und Meeresforschung <AWI>
polar {adj}entgegengesetzt
polar {adj}polar
polar fibril
Polarfibrille {f}
drag polarPolare {f} [Flugmechanik]
polar vessel
Polarschiff {n}
polar orbit
polarer Orbit {m}
polar headgroup
polare Kopfgruppe {f}
polar station
Polarstation {f}
polar expedition
Polarforschungs­reise {f}
(polar) waste(polare) Wildnis {f}
polar planimeter
Polarplanimeter {n}
polar axis
Polachse {f}
polar bears
Eisbären {pl}
polar fibril
Polfaser {f}
polar question
Satzfrage {f}
polar question
Ja-Nein-Frage {f}
polar question
Entscheidungs­frage {f}
polar regions
Polarregionen {pl}
polar bodies
Polkörperchen {pl}
polar cap
Polkappe {f}
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  • Glaciology and glacial geology are key areas of polar research.
  • Between 1953 and 1987, Mawson was supplied by the ice-strengthened polar research vessels, including "Kista Dan", "Magga Dan", "Thala Dan", and "Nella Dan".
  • A joint conference organized by SCAR and IASC under the overarching theme “Polar Research – Arctic and Antarctic perspectives in the International Polar Year” was held 8–11 July 2008 in St.
  • He gave his name to the German Polar Research Station in Antarctica, the now abandoned "Neumayer Station".
  • However, researchers from Japan's Graduate University for Advanced Studies and National Institute of Polar Research claimed in March 2020 that red pheasant tails witnessed across the night sky over Japan in 620 A.D., might be a red aurora produced during a magnetic storm.

  • The name "Dome Argus" was given by the Scott Polar Research Institute from Greek mythology.
  • Jones, Program Officer of the Committee on Polar Research, United States National Academy of Sciences, 1957-1963.
  • Also due to the experience of the oil crisis of 1973, the Federal Republic of Germany decided to intensify its activities in polar research for geostrategic reasons and undertake larger research projects in the Antarctic Ocean and in Antarctica.
  • Based on studies by glaciologist Lonnie Thompson, professor at Ohio State University and researcher with the Byrd Polar Research Center, a number of indicators shows there was a global change in climate 5,200 years ago, probably due to a drop in solar energy output.
  • University owns a seasonal polar research station located in the Petuniabukta (Petunia Bay), in the Northern part of Billefjord, and central part of Spitsbergen island in the Svalbard archipelago.

  • In 2005, explorer Jim McNeill asked scientists from National Snow and Ice Data Center and Scott Polar Research Institute to re-establish the position using modern GPS and satellite technology.
  • Yoshiyuki Fujii, a professor at the National Institute of Polar Research designed an experiment that showed ablation rate was accelerated under a thin debris layer and was retarded under a thick one as compared with that of a natural snow surface.
  • In 2013 he was awarded the Polar Medal and bar by HM The Queen for services to the UK in the field of polar research.
  • The Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration (CAA) organizes China's scientific programme for both the Arctic and Antarctic. Polar research by China, in particular in Antarctica, has been growing rapidly.
  • TV 781 – Engineering for Tomorrow (Color – 1970) Details research, development, and construction work of the Corps of Engineers; includes flood control, polar research in Greenland, and a seaborne nuclear power plant.

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