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polar sea
Eismeer {n}
3 Wörter
North Polar Sea
Nordpolarmeer {n}
Southern Polar Sea
Südpolarmeer {n}
4 Wörter
Open Polar Sea theory
Theorie {f} vom eisfreien Nordpolarmeer
Taxa/Spezies (Tiere, Pflanzen, Pilze)
polar (slender) sea star [Henricia sanguinolenta, syn.: Asterias sanguinolenta, Cribrella sanguinolenta, Echinaster sanguinolentus, E. sarsi, Henricia curta, H. perforata, Linckia pertusa]
Blutstern {m}
North Sea-Baltic Sea Canal
Nord-Ostsee-Kanal {m} <NOK>
polar {adj}entgegengesetzt
polar {adj}polar
polar body
Richtungs­körper {m}
polar body
Polkörper {m}
polar bodies
Polkörper {pl}
non-polar {adj}außerpolar
polar body
Richtungs­körperchen {n}
polar shift
Polwanderung {f}
polar patternRichtcharakteristik {f}
polar body
Polkörperchen {n}
(polar) waste(polare) Wildnis {f}
polar alignment
Polausrichtung {f}
drag polarPolare {f} [Flugmechanik]
polar dayPolartag {m}
polar region
Polregion {f}
polar low
Polartief {n}
polar orbit
polare Umlaufbahn {f}
polar cyclone
Polarwirbel {m}
polar fibril
Polfaser {f}
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  • His renewal of Arctic voyages in search of the Northwest Passage and the Open Polar Sea has also been criticized, with author Fergus Fleming remarking that "perhaps no other man in the history of exploration has expended so much money and so many lives in so desperately pointless a dream".
  • "A Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea"/John Franklin. Missing title page.
  • In the north it extends to the Arctic polar sea, and thus much further north than that of the banded demoiselle.
  • The larvae of the polar sea urchin "Sterechinus neumayeri" have been found to use energy in metabolic processes twenty-five times more efficiently than do most other organisms.
  • In Jules Verne's "The Adventures of Captain Hatteras" (1866), the North Pole is occupied by Queen Island, created by a volcano (Mount Hatteras) in the middle of an Open Polar Sea.

  • The Open Polar Sea was a hypothesized ice-free ocean surrounding the North Pole.
  • His book, "The Open Polar Sea: A Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery towards the North Pole, in the Schooner United States", was published in 1867.
  • This sees polar sea ice re-grow annually due to lack of sunlight on the air above and surrounding sea.
  • As early as the 16th century, many prominent people correctly believed that the North Pole was in a sea, which in the 19th century was called the Polynya or Open Polar Sea.
  • This journey was documented in Rasmussen's account "Greenland by the Polar Sea" (1921).

  • Her design as a bomb ship meant she had an unusually strong framework to resist the recoil of her heavy mortars; thus it was presumed she could withstand the pressure of polar sea ice, as well.
  • Although the open Polar Sea theory ended with "Jeannette" [...] s voyage, the ship's meteorological and oceanographic records have provided 21st-century climatologists with valuable data relating to climate change and the shrinking of the polar icecap.
  • George Washington De Long (22 August 1844 – [...]) was a United States Navy officer and explorer who led the ill-fated "Jeannette" expedition of 1879–1881, in search of the Open Polar Sea.
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