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practised hand [Br.]geübte Hand {f}
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Übersetzung für 'practised hand' von Englisch nach Deutsch

practised hand [Br.]
geübte Hand {f}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • Resulting from the technique to release the shot, the bow will (for a practised archer) spin in the hand so that the string stops in front of the archer's outer forearm.
  • In the UK, hand-netting is the only legal way of catching glass eels and has been practised for thousands of years on the River Parrett and River Severn.
  • From the 17th to the 19th centuries, Branscombe was a source of hand-made lace, and "Branscombe Point" is a style that is still practised by lacemakers worldwide.
  • Bare-hand Wrestling has also been practised among the Limbu men during festivals.
  • He was extremely versatile and tried his hand at all the genres then practised in Flanders including history, genre, landscape, portrait and still life.
  • Solo forms (empty-hand and weapon) are catalogues of movements that are practised individually in pushing hands and martial application scenarios to prepare students for self-defense training.
  • The traditional pattern is painted free-hand by practised "ripple" painters.
  • Spearfishing with a hand-held spear from land, shallow water or boat has been practised for thousands of years.
  • He wrote in a practised but rather untidy hand, adding a few simple decorative flourishes such as grotesque drolleries or ornamental scrollwork.
  • In England, hand netting is the only legal way of catching eels and has been practised for thousands of years on the River Parrett and River Severn.
  • Traditionally, Luhyas practised arranged marriage. The parents of a boy would approach the parents of a girl to ask for her hand in marriage.
  • Hendrick van den Broeck was a prolific and multi-faceted artist who practised as a painter, fresco painter, glass painter and sculptor.
  • is a traditional form of folk embroidery practised in the state of Karnataka, India.
  • Jewish conversos still resided in Spain and often practised Judaism secretly and were suspected by the "Old Christians" of being Crypto-Jews.
  • Appliqué is commonly practised with textiles, but the term may be applied to similar techniques used on different materials.
  • Though shamanism was practised in Ayyavazhi, it was accepted by the scriptures only as an ignorant way of worship (beginning stage in worship) or the initial way to teach a beginner the metaphysics.
  • In highly industrialized countries where shadow economy (per capita) is high and the huge private sector is shared by an extremely small elite of entrepreneurs a considerable part of tax evasion is practised by a much smaller number of (elite) people.
  • In his "Treatise on the Science of Arms with Philosophical Dialogue" (published in 1553), he proposed dramatic changes in the way swordsmanship was practised at the time.
  • By the late 19th century, this ancient craft was gradually being driven into decline by the Nottinghamshire machine lace industry, but it still exists today as a hobby or past-time practised by very skilled craftspeople.
  • There are a few dedicated temples to Dhanvantari in South India especially in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, where ayurveda is highly practised and patronised.
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