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pre-acceptance test
Vorabnahmeprüfung {f} [auch Pre-Acceptance-Test]
acceptance testtechnische Abnahme {f}
acceptance testAufnahmetest {m}
acceptance test
Abnahmetest {m}
acceptance test
Abnahmeprüfung {f} [Qualitätssicherung, QS-Terminus]
acceptance testFunktionstest {m}
acceptance testÜbernahmeprüfung {f}
acceptance testÜbernahmetest {m}
acceptance testAbnahmeversuch {m}
acceptance test certificateAbnahmezeugnis {n}
acceptance test certificate
Abnahmeprüfzeugnis {n}
partial acceptance test
Teilabnahmeprüfung {f} [Qualitätssicherung, QS-Terminus]
acceptance test <AT>
Akzeptanztest {m}
acceptance test recordAbnahmeprüfprotokoll {n}
acceptance test procedureAbnahmevorschrift {f}
flight acceptance test
Abnahmetest {m}
user acceptance test <UAT>
Akzeptanztest {m} [Abnahmetest]
user acceptance test <UAT>
Abnahmetest {m}
factory acceptance test <FAT>
Werksabnahme {f} [Abnahme einer Maschine durch den Kunden beim Hersteller]
factory acceptance test <FAT>
Abnahme {f} [einer techn. Anlage beim Anlagenhersteller]
site acceptance test <SAT>
Abnahme {f} [Überprüfung einer technischen Anlage am Aufstellort]
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  • Concept testing (to be distinguished from pre-test markets and test markets which may be used at a later stage of product development research) is the process of using surveys (and sometimes qualitative methods) to evaluate consumer acceptance of a new product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market.
  • Shakedown now comprises the general power-on trials, followed by one or more pre-delivery test flights carried out by the aircraft builder's personnel, and generally culminating in a final acceptance test also involving the purchaser's own flight crew and engineering personnel.
  • First acceptance testing was completed in August 2006, then pre-operational testing consisted of 13 test flights using production targets from August 2006 - June 2007.
  • Usually, a round of SIT precedes the user acceptance test (UAT) round.
  • "Milwaukee" was still in the custody of Marinette Marine at the time of the incident and was conducting pre-commissioning acceptance trials.

  • An Operational Evaluation (OPEVAL), the final phase of operational test and evaluation prior to fielding of a system or new equipment, is a process used by NATO military forces and designed to be no more than a 'customer acceptance' test.
  • Training is rigorous and as such, acceptance into the academy is highly selective.
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