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NOUN   a prototype | prototypes
SYNO epitome | image | paradigm | ...
prototypePrototyp {m}
prototypeMuster {n}
prototype [model]Vorbild {n}
prototype [of a text]Vorlage {f} [eines Textes]
prototypeModell {n}
prototypeVorläufer {m}
prototypeMusterexemplar {n}
prototypeUrtyp {m}
prototypeUrbild {n}
prototypeUrform {f}
prototypeUrtypus {m}
prototypeVorform {f}
prototypeUrmuster {n}
prototypeIdealbild {n}
2 Wörter: Substantive
complete prototypevollständiger Prototyp {m}
complete prototypebetriebsfähiger Prototyp {m}
development prototype
Entwicklungs­prototyp {m}
function prototype
Funktionsprototyp {m}
functional prototypeFunktionsprototyp {m}
incomplete prototypeunvollständiger Prototyp {m}
laboratory prototypeLabormuster {n}
production prototype
Fertigungs­muster {n}
prototype construction
Prototypenbau {m}
prototype construction
Prototypenerstellung {f}
prototype development
Prototypentwicklung {f}
prototype development
Prototypenentwicklung {f}
prototype semanticsPrototypensemantik {f}
prototype test
Prototypentest {m}
prototype theory
Prototypentheorie {f}
3 Wörter: Substantive
disguised prototype (car)
Erlkönig {m} [ugs.] [getarnter Fahrzeugprototyp]
experimental prototype communityexperimentelle Mustergemeinde {f}
international prototype kilogram <IPK>
Urkilogramm {n}
International Prototype Metre [Br.]
Urmeter {n}
prototype-based programming
prototypenbasierte Programmierung {f}
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  • The Lee rifle prototype has been a controversial topic.
  • Before making the dress forms, exact measurement and natural shape built prototype are the keys to creating two side fiber molds.
  • The AC-1 prototype first flew on 1927. Testing and evaluation did not result in any orders but the prototype was bought by the Swiss Fliegertrupppe.
  • The LAPA FA-03 never passed the prototype phase and only a single prototype was ever produced.
  • This pattern creates the kind of object using its prototype.
  • The prototype theory suggests that to learn a category, one must learn the category's prototype.
  • DP2, meaning Development Prototype number 2, was a prototype Type 4 mainline diesel locomotive, built by English Electric in 1962.
  • This race was the second of two GT-only races on the 2019 IMSA Calendar, in which the prototype classes, Daytona Prototype international (DPi) and Le Mans Prototype 2 (LMP2), would not be taking part.
  • Only one prototype for wind tunnel testing was ever completed.
  • Automobile engineer Paul Jaray added a center fin to his prototype designs in the 1920s for aerodynamic stability.
  • They also built a proof-of-concept prototype 3-dimensional die stacking prototype, and a proof-of-concept prototype 64-core prototype, Centipede.
  • The first Series A prototype was the result of a Morane-Moisant monoplane being converted to a biplane by engineer Francisco Santarini.
  • The original 2017 contract included a single prototype, three pre-serial examples, and the first production helicopter, all except the prototype are to be in an initial operational capability (IOC) configuration.
  • The first prototype was destroyed by fire during maintenance on 27 February 2020.
  • A full size prototype was tested in March 2017 Prototype test.
  • A first prototype was proposed with 3 grenades in an internal tubular magazine. The prototype was deemed too heavy (8 kg) and bulky to be acceptable, which led to the design of a second prototype.
  • At Photokina '84, Copal and Panasonic showed prototype SVCs. Konica's prototype SVC, initially displayed in 1985, and as a more advanced prototype in 1987, carried an estimated price of [...].
  • The aircraft prototype first flew on 29 March 2003, [...] and a second prototype was completed.
  • The Knight engines included: inline four; inline six; V8 (prototype); V12 - 7.2 liter, 1921 (prototype); inline twelve and a seven-cylinder radial (prototype).
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