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NOUN   a protruding tooth | protruding teeth
protruding tooth
vorstehender Zahn {m}
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Übersetzung für 'protruding tooth' von Englisch nach Deutsch

protruding tooth
vorstehender Zahn {m}dent.
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • The name "Syodon" is derived from Greek meaning pig's tooth. This name likely stemmed from the protruding canines similar to that of the lower canines of a wild boar.
  • Eye lobes are slightly protruding. Leg with a large, sharp, curved tooth.
  • The true leaves are tiny, tooth-like structures protruding from around the top of each joint (...).
  • Despite having large tusks, male strap-toothed beaked whales likely only use a small protruding denticle on each tooth in antagonistic interactions.
  • She is sometimes described as having various physical defects, including having only one nostril; a large, protruding front tooth; or red webbed feet.
  • The tip of the snout is rounded and barely protruding.
  • The slightly protruding tip of the snout is not upturned like in some other "Halaelurus" species.
  • platypterus" and includes a more detailed photo of a protruding pupal cuticle.
  • in a recent audit, mandibular first molar thought to be most affected by CTS possibly due to the wedging effect of opposing pointy, protruding maxillary mesio-palatal cusp onto the mandibular molar central fissure.
  • , a dacite monolith, composed of two laccoliths, protruding [...] vertically from an east–west ridge.
  • The leading margins of the disc are almost straight and converge on a pointed, slightly protruding snout; the trailing margins of the disc are convex.
  • ; possessing short outer labial setae; its short pharynx; carrying anterior subventral teeth and a posterior dorsal tooth in the same stomal chamber; having a short tail; exhibiting body pores and somatic setae, as well as a striated cuticle and non-protruding vulval lips, among other characteristics.
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