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NOUN1   a pulsation | pulsations
NOUN2   pulsation | -
SYNO beat | heartbeat | impulse | ...
pulsationPulsschlag {m}
pulsationPulsieren {n}
pulsation(rhythmisches) Pochen {n}
pulsation(rhythmisches) Schlagen {n}
pulsation artifact [Am.]
Pulsationsartefakt {n} [ugs. auch {m}]
pulsation damperPulsationsdämpfer {m}
lack of pulsation
Fehlen {n} des Pulses
Quincke capillary pulsation
Quincke-Kapillarpuls {m} [Quincke-Zeichen]
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  • The dominant mode is around 156 days and corresponds to Cepheid fundamental mode radial pulsation.
  • Small variations in the phase of pulsation led to the suggestion that the star was being orbited by a giant planet which caused the pulsations to be delayed due to the varying distance to the star caused by the reflex motion about the system's centre-of-mass.
  • Self-pulsation is a transient phenomenon in continuous-wave lasers.
  • (2012) examined existing data on the rate of pulsation of over a thousand cepheid variable stars in 25 galaxies.
  • Epsilon Persei A is a Beta Cephei variable star with a primary pulsation period of 0.1603 days, or 6.24 cycles per day. It may have multiple pulsation frequencies.
  • The expansion phase of a pulsation is caused by the blocking of the internal energy flow by material with a high opacity, but this must occur at a particular depth of the star to create visible pulsations.
  • Atmospheric air is admitted into the pulsation chamber about once per second (the pulsation rate) to allow the liner to collapse around the end of teat and relieve congestion in the teat tissue.
  • Matthews in 1987 suggested that the star may instead have two pulsation periods, but this was later refuted.
  • It was subsequently grouped in the class of Delta Scuti variables, which show a pulsation period of less than a day.
  • The pulsation period seems to vary in a timescale of weeks, which indicates the star is not a simple radial pulsator.
  • The pulsation between an inner and outer field, the circle and rectangular is mirrored by the rapid alternations between the two video sources, which maintains a rate of about sixty cycles per second.
  • Pulsation reactor technology came to the fore from the nineties through its use in environmental technology, particularly in sludge drying and the regeneration of resin-bonded foundry sands.
  • 4 day modulation which is caused by non-radial pulsation of the star itself.
  • Triplex plunger pumps use three plungers, which reduces the pulsation of single reciprocating plunger pumps.
  • The optical variability is dominated by slow pulsation with 83.8 d period, overlapped by faster pulsation modes.
  • From an analysis of the fixed points of the evolution operator a nice physical picture can be inferred, namely that "the pulsations arise from the excitation of an unstable pulsation mode that couples nonlinearly to a second, stable pulsation mode which is in a 2:1 resonance with the first one", a scenario described by the Shilnikov theorem.
  • The X-ray luminosity is about 1 × 1029 erg/s and the emission varies with the pulsation period, suggesting a connection with the pulsation process.
  • V529 Andromedae was the first star known to combine Gamma Doradus and Delta Scuti type pulsations.
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