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NOUN   a qadi | qadis
Kadi {m} [islamischer Richter]
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Übersetzung für 'qadi' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kadi {m} [islamischer Richter]lawrelig.
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  • His grandfather had been qadi (judge) of Sidonia and his father was qadi of Toledo until his death in 1057 when Ṣāʿid succeeded him.
  • According to Oxford Islamic Studies, the office of muḥtasib, in classical Islamic administrations, fell "roughly between" that of judge ("qadi") and court magistrate".
  • Qadi Kamal al-Din Husayn ibn Mu'in al-Din Ali Maybudi (...), better known as Qadi Husayn Maybudi (...), was an Iranian scholar and "qadi" (judge) in the city of Yazd under the Aq Qoyunlu.
  • By a rapid sally south with the remnant of the Ifriqiyan army, the Kairouan "qadi" Abd al-Rahman ibn Oqba al-Ghaffari managed to defeat and disperse Uqasha's forces near Gafsa in December, 741.
  • At the age of 22, he started to work with a ru'us salary and gradually rose in various institutions of the Ottoman legal system becoming the qadi (judge) of Egypt in 1912.

  • Jalal al-Mulk Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ammar (...) was the ruler ("qadi") of Tripoli during the First Crusade.
  • He graduated from the Qadi School ("qadi" as a religious judge) in 1918.
  • ... died 1070 AH, 1659/60 AD) was a qadi of the Moroccan town Taroudannt and grand qadi of the Sous area.
  • The Moroccan jurist and shaykh Ahmad sukayrij was a judge (qadi) according to the Maliki legal school of thought (madhab) for Morocco.
  • Hussain was born into a family whose lineage included a famous Qadi.

  • was born in Samarkand and completed his education in Khojent, later working as a qadi (a judge) at Piskent.
  • In 1963 he was appointed Qadi of the Druze Religious Court, and in 1980 became a qadi in the Druze Religious Appeals Court.
  • known simply as Ahmad ibn al-Qadi or Ibn al-Qadi (1552/1553 [...] 1616), was a Moroccan polygraph.
  • Shaykh Mowafaq Tarīf ([...] , [...]) is the qadi (spiritual leader) of the Druze in Israel.
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