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qua {conj}als
qua {prep} [literary]qua [geh.]
Quadrantids <QUA>
Quadrantiden {pl}
3 Wörter
authority qua officeAmtsautorität {f}
sine qua nonnotwendige Bedingung {f}
sine qua nonabsolute Notwendigkeit {f}
sine qua nonunerlässliche Voraussetzung {f}
5+ Wörter
conditio sine qua non formula [archaic: condicio sine qua non formula]
Conditio-Formel {f} [Conditio-sine-qua-non-Formel, veraltet: Condicio-sine-qua-non-Formel]
sine qua non (to/for sth.)Conditio sine qua non {f} (für etw.)
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  • qua [geh.] = qua [literary]
  • qua Amt = ex officio <e.o.>
  • qua Definition = definitionally
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Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • A high proficiency in English language is a "sine qua non" requirement for applicants.
  • While propounding the virtues of supply-side economics as the basis for the economic growth that is "a "sine qua non" for the survival of a modern democracy", he also insists that any economic philosophy has to be enlarged by "political philosophy, moral philosophy, and even religious thought", which were as much the "sine qua non" for a modern democracy.
  • Vùng lên! Xông pha vượt qua bão bùng.
  • Kit Fine (1982) and Alan Gibbard (1975) (according to Rea 1997) are defences of qua-theory.
  • It may also be called "la han qua" (from Vietnamese "la hán quả", which also means Arhat fruit), or longevity fruit (also used for other fruits).

  • "Chi qua" is the fruit of "Benincasa hispida" var. "chieh-qua", a variety of the wax gourd. The fruit is a staple of the Chinese diet.
  • After releasing the audio version of the song "Cô gái ngày hôm qua" in March, Vũ Cát Tường continued to make the music video for this song.
  • Jesu China monumentis, qua sacris qua profanis, nec non variis Naturae et artis spectaculis, aliarumque rerum memorabilium argumentis illustrata, auspiciis Leopoldi primi, Roman.
  • Chief Paskwa ("Pis-qua", brother of Okanes) was a negotiator and signatory to Treaty 4 on 15 September 1874.
  • QUA Placed in quarantine after a contact with COVID-19.

  • Puankhequa appears as a character in the novel "Trade Winds" by Christina Courtenay (2010), under the name "Poan Key-qua" or simply "Key-qua".
  • "Qua la mano" (also known as "Give me five") is a 1980 Italian comedy film directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile.
  • One variety of the plant, called "chi qua" ("Benincasa hispida" var. "chieh-qua"), is commonly used in Asian cuisine.
  • Sir William Chambers used his name – Tan Chet-qua – for the narrator of his "Explanatory Discourse by Tan Chet-qua, of Quang-Chew-fu, Gent."
  • Wang is occasionally confused with or misidentified as Tan-Che-Qua (or Tan Chitqua), a Chinese artist who arrived in England in 1769, and exhibited his work at the Royal Academy in 1770, but Tan-Che-Qua had returned to China in 1772.

  • Reference to a ground field may be common in the theory of Lie algebras ("qua" vector spaces) and algebraic groups ("qua" algebraic varieties).
  • An extension of Gale, called Qua, is played by three players on a 3D game board cube composed of a grid of N3 cells.
  • Originally built in 1539 under Spanish rule, the three-storey 18th-century prison building in the main square includes several dungeons and strongrooms.
  • In computer science, a quaject is an object-like data structure containing both data and code (or pointers to code), exposed as an interface in the form of "callentries", and can accept a list of callentries to other quajects for "callbacks" and "callouts".
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