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ADJ   quadripartite | - | -
SYNO four-party | quadripartite
quadripartite {adj}vierteilig
quadripartite {adj}Vierer-
quadripartite agreementViermächteabkommen {n}
quadripartite structureViererstruktur {f}
quadripartite talksVierergespräche {pl}
Quadripartite Agreement on Berlin
Viermächteabkommen {n} über Berlin
the quadripartite division of Berlin
die Teilung {f} Berlins in vier Sektoren
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  • Following Berlin's provisional post-war constitution, enacted under quadripartite Allied rule, the head of city government was titled again "Oberbürgermeister" (generally "Lord Mayor").
  • Sotiriou, or the semicircular quadripartite according to Anastassios Orlandos.
  • In one of the noteworthy acts of his second premiership, Tsaldaris signed a quadripartite pact with Turkey, Romania and Yugoslavia as well as a separate agreement with Turkey, guaranteeing the common borders of the two countries.
  • Each bay of the interior has a quadripartite vault, between broad, slightly pointed arches rising from square piers.
  • The village is the place of regular quadripartite (Georgian-Abkhaz-CIS peacekeepers-UNOMIG) meetings known informally as the "Chuburkhinji sessions".
  • Special agreements exist which facilitate fire support operations within NATO and the ABCA quadripartite working group, which includes American, British, Canadian and Australian military contingents.
  • The church had a quadripartite domed basilica design.
  • The ribbed vaults are quadripartite. The thrust of the vaults is taken up by buttresses.
  • The chancel, which replaced a rounded Saxon apse, dates from about 1240. It has a quadripartite vault.
  • The remodeling of the more sophisticated, pre-existing vault like the one in the south transept shows a structurally slightly arbitrary pattern of two semi-quadripartite arrangement of ribs rising from a springing point at the centre of the bays.
  • On November 27, about fifty students from Mandalay, Sagaing, Monywa and Myingyan staged an unauthorized protest in front of City Hall in Mandalay to reiterate their demand: to convene a quadripartite meeting.
  • Jackson then joined the Allied Commission for Austria, and was present, taking notes, and the quadripartite meetings.
  • The collection of artistic glass includes the Cup Gonzagna, made of crystal clear glass and decorated with a pattern of small golden flowers and the Gonzaga coat of arm with a quadripartite black eagle on a white background.
  • Quadripartite maps represent a sort of amalgam of the zonal and T-O maps by illustrating the three known continents separated by an equatorial ocean from a fourth unknown land, often called "Antipodes".
  • The floor of the church is formed by a single quadripartite longitudinal nave, distinguishing the spaces of the chancel, the choir of the Fathers, the choir of the Brothers and the faithfuls stay.
  • The vaults of the naves are quadripartite except for those of the transept and the chancel which are reinforced with tiercerons.
  • Also during his Government, Brazil ratified important pacts (for example the Tlatelolco Treaty and a quadripartite agreement also involving Argentina and the International Atomic Energy Agency on full-scope safeguards), which set Brazil on the nonproliferation path.
  • 1210; among its new features were three-tier elevation, and quadripartite vaults.
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