Übersetzung für 'quadroon' von Englisch nach Deutsch
NOUN   a quadroon | quadroons
quadroon [Am.]
Mulatte {m} [der zum Viertel schwarz ist]
quadroonTerzerone {m}
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Übersetzung für 'quadroon' von Englisch nach Deutsch

quadroon [Am.]
Mulatte {m} [der zum Viertel schwarz ist]hist.
Terzerone {m}
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • As both a quadroon and Métis, he was famed in the African diaspora at the beginning of the 20th century as an example of African leadership.
  • Pétion was born "Anne Alexandre Sabès" in Port-au-Prince to Pascal Sabès, a wealthy French father and Ursula, a free mulatto woman, which made him a "quadroon" (a quarter African ancestry).
  • His opponent this time was Denis Prieur, the Jacksonian Mayor of New Orleans who lived openly with his quadroon mistress.
  • In comparison, a quadroon would have one quarter African ancestry and a mulatto for the most part has historically implied half African ancestry.
  • The quadroon girls and Marietta leave to prepare for the wedding.

  • A quadroon's mother usually negotiated with an admirer the compensation that would be received for having the woman as his mistress.
  • David Anderson is a quadroon, of mixed European and Aboriginal ancestry.
  • Eric Foner documented him as a French speaking "quadroon" born to a family of jewelers.
  • Described as a quadroon in a contemporary newspaper report, he was educated by missionaries.
  • The Mason Street schoolhouse was the first public school to be built in San Diego County, of mixed racial origin, or quadroon.

  • She was a comely quadroon with Caucasian features and a skin of light-gold tint...with Irish eyes."
  • In the colonial societies of the Americas and Australia, a quadroon or quarteron was a person with one quarter African/Aboriginal and three quarters European ancestry.
  • Considered to be the greatest Brazilian writer and the first writer to be inducted into the Brazilian Academy of Letters, Machado de Assis was a mulatto (more specifically, a quadroon) whose grandparents were slaves.
  • It was based on the life of Thomas Jefferson's quadroon slave of that name; she was a much-younger half-sister to his late wife and was rumored to have been his concubine for years.
  • However, Médéric-Louis-Elie Moreau de Saint-Méry, in his three-volume work on the colony, describes Marabous as the product of the union of a black and a quadroon; he says nothing concerning East Indians.

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